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    26 Terrifying Pictures Of "Gorilla" Hail That Fell In Texas And Oklahoma Last Night

    Hail so big they call it "gorilla" sized.

    1. Last night, there was a really bad storm with humongous hail in Texas and Oklahoma.

    A hand next to a bowl filled with hailstones

    2. The hailstones were so big that they're calling it "gorilla" hail.

    @darin_deveauWX @ChasinSpin gorilla hail from friends in San Antonio 🦍 🧊

    Twitter: @BrandonCCTX

    3. It was huge:

    4. And it was terrifying:

    THIS is the hail I was talking about (photo taken by my colleague in Hondo). Thunder is pretty constant right now. Wind picking up.

    Twitter: @TheRealDoctorT

    5. These stones did some serious damage:

    Twitter: @bbq_jeff

    6. The hail was big enough to burst through this person's ceiling:

    One of many giant hail stones that came through the roof of my friend’s house this evening in Sabinal, Texas. @NWSSanAntonio @IanShelton1997 @TxStormChasers @Justin_Horne @ReedTimmerAccu #eWXspotter

    Twitter: @vortexrfd

    7. It wrecked this person's window:

    Our Norman rental got absolutely destroyed.

    Twitter: @marekcornett

    8. And cars across the state were destroyed:

    Car damage from the hail storm sent to me by one of my coworkers at Pub W in Norman. Most of the cars in the parking lot have similar damage @themahler @weatherchannel @StormHour @NWSNorman #okwx

    Twitter: @FeeneyBrian

    9. They didn't stand a chance:

    The Longoria Family shared this photo of the hail damage in Acuna 😳 #kens5eyewitness @KENS5 @BillTaylorKENS5

    Twitter: @VanessaKENS5

    10. People in Texas were taking pictures of the hail in the palms of their hands:

    Twitter: @TheBradSowder

    11. They were comparing the size of the hail next to cinnamon buns...

    @JulieFoudy look at the size of this hail that fell in North Texas last night. Thank goodness the person had a non-donut cinnamon roll on hand for comparison. @catosterman would agree.

    Twitter: @mkellen32

    12. ...and tennis balls:

    About 3” sized hail in North Fort Worth tonight.

    Twitter: @hbrinkwx

    13. The hail was larger than an apple:

    14. The size of softballs:

    Hail out of Hondo earlier (west of San Antonio) #txwx

    Twitter: @averytomascowx

    15. Seriously:

    @ksatnews Hondo Texas Hail! @ksatweather

    Twitter: @prettygirlariss

    16. Here's what it looked like in motion:

    West side of Norman Oklahoma Wednesday night

    Twitter: @Champ24jg

    17. No, this is not a snowstorm, it's tennis-ball-sized hail:

    #kens5eyewitness Karen Mann captured this video of hail coming down strong in Bracketville earlier this evening. THE LATEST on Wednesday night's storms:

    Twitter: @KENS5

    18. People were finding hailstones in their living rooms:

    LeAnne in Norman is one of several cleaning up & assessing damage after last night’s hailstorm. She found this huge chuck of hail inside her home. #okwx @OKCFOX

    Twitter: @AngelicaB2290

    19. Car dealerships were completely wrecked:

    Nearly every car at Fowler Honda Dealership has some form of damage after hail pummeled the Norman area last night.

    Twitter: @andrewjustinWX

    20. The hail even broke through these skylights at a Walmart:

    Walmart in Norman off i35 @tornadopayne @NEWS9

    Twitter: @maysenjohnson

    21. This is what the cars in that Walmart parking lot looked like:

    Incredible vehicle damage in Norman. Talked with a Walmart employee who showed me a video of all 200 skylights breaking and hail falling into the store. The skylights are TWO layers of plexiglass. #okwx

    Twitter: @andrewjustinWX

    22. People in Texas were waking up to things with giant holes in them:

    Many residents of the Westhouse Apartments near Keller have already spoken with insurance companies. Many forced to get rental car or find a ride to work. Massive hail pummeled the complex parking lot. @WBAP247NEWS @570KLIF

    Twitter: @ClaytonNeville

    23. Their garages were covered in dents:

    Hail damage on our garage door. I’m afraid to see our roof tomorrow 😭 @TxStormChasers @wfaaweather

    Twitter: @christalynn95

    24. And for those who got caught in it, they have a good story about how they survived:

    @KHOUBlake11 My boyfriend was caught in a hail storm in Norman, Oklahoma tonight. Is this system part of the storms hitting San Antonio and heading here tomorrow?

    Twitter: @smittya1010

    25. It's hail season in the South:

    Big storm last night. This is friend from Lytle, Tx. Incredible hail. Lots of damage!

    Twitter: @ricklgodwin

    26. Hopefully everyone can prepare better for it next time:

    my parents are so extra with their cars lmao

    Twitter: @genevievecamryn