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32 Pictures That Show Just How Freezing Cold It Is In Texas Right Now

This is happening in TEXAS.

Texas is currently experiencing some of the coldest weather it has seen in decades and the pictures coming out from the state show how bad things are. The state, the people, and the infrastructure just aren't set up for it.

1. The highways are full of snow:

Don’t walk on the highway. It is too dangerous. Drivers could lose control and hit you. #ATXtraffic #txdotwx

Twitter: @TxDOTAustin

2. Icicles are hanging from ceiling fans:

This is how cold it is at my Apartment. As a Texan, yes, I'm certainly not built for this. I don't even care.

Twitter: @ThomasBlackGG

3. It's so cold that people's faucets are frozen:

Stay safe y'all Frozen faucet at my rental 😧😬❄️ #drip #frozenpipes #houwx #houstonfreeze #houstonpoweroutage #houstonweather

Twitter: @michaelbrom

4. Pools have literally turned into skating rinks:

My sister’s pool in Dallas is completely frozen over!

Twitter: @CRTCHP

5. Hot tubs too:

Can confirm my hot tub is frozen.

Twitter: @amalaz95

6. People's toilets are freezing:

Twitter: @MsYoungProfess

7. Frozen toilets!

hey from me and my LITERAL FROZEN TOILET

Twitter: @gldencherry_

8. I never thought I'd see the day:

9. Dish soap is freezing:

@ThomasBlackGG @_Gabriela_97 My dish soap in the back is frozen solid too... 🙃 do u see how my faucet is literally coming out of place?

Twitter: @valsatuo

10. Olive oil is freezing:

The olive oil froze inside my house @ERCOT_ISO. The “temporary controlled rolling” blackout has been 38 hours so far.

Twitter: @goodlawyernac

11. That's a frozen fish tank:

12. And that's a frozen playground:

@ThomasBlackGG @ULupae Sympathies from Houston. It's terrible here

Twitter: @PastureSociety

13. Dog bowls are freezing too:

My dog’s water bowl inside my kitchen lit up with a flashlight. No rolling blackouts. Zero electrons since 2am last night, almost 24hrs. Frozen pipes. Houston Texas. Why not in the federal grid? Why so underprepared #ERCOT #texaspoweroutage #TexasFreeze

Twitter: @UnedumacatedJo

14. Same with bathtubs used to store water:

Water stored in the bathtub froze solid last night. That's how it's going in Dallas.

Twitter: @BFriedmanDC

15. This isn't normal!

please appreciate this photo of my dad standing on top of our frozen pool in dallas, measuring the thickness of the ice with a tape measure 😂 #DallasWeather #dfw

Twitter: @xdianarose

16. It's so cold that laptops are poppin' open:

This is how cold it is in Texas right now. My laptop split. Can anything be done? @Apple @tim_cook

Twitter: @WilliamsMS9

17. Highways are unusable:

This was Houston, Texas on February 15, 2021. Unreal.

Twitter: @DTGoteraKHOU

18. Water fountains are freezing:

This is the water fountain at Pensive. It appears the misters on the fountain have frozen. @CityOfDallas @DallasParkRec have been notified. Thanks to a few of you for reporting this!

Twitter: @NorthavenTrail

19. Beaches have snow:

Oh, you know just your normal snow on the beach in Galveston, Texas.

Twitter: @KevinLighty

20. And car washes have turned into modern art pieces:

21. It's not good!

Damn never thought about this. 🤔 Pro tip compliments of my neighbors: if your water is shut off or pipes are frozen, fill your bath tub with snow and use the water for your toilets 🚽 To all my northern friends, don’t judge us. We are learning the hard way 😂

Twitter: @veterans_i

22. I mean, there's ice all over the cacti!

23. People fortunate to have homes in the first place are camping out in their living rooms:

It is 43 degrees inside my apartment and it’s looking like I might not have power until tomorrow. I’m losing about a degree every hour or two inside. Luckily I have an all-season tent that (kinda) fits in my living room where I plan to sleep so this is where we’re at #TexasFreeze

Twitter: @sarahradinasch

24. This person's hallway is basically a skating rink:

25. Other people are waking up to their pipes bursting:

apartment ceiling caves in due to ice / snow in dallas, texas

Twitter: @BreeSunshinee_

26. Here's an indoor waterfall caused by a pipe burst in Denton, Texas:

Shocking! 😱 Turn up the volume! Pipes busted from freezing. (Denton, Texas) Please, If you are in Texas and you have not done so, let a couple of faucets drip until the freeze is over! #TexasFreeze #Texas #Denton

Twitter: @anasalhajji

27. And here's an outdoor balcony waterfall in Dallas:

A Camden Property in the Victory Park/Uptown Dallas area. People aren’t just “crying” about snowfall. Pipes are literally bursting in residential buildings around the metroplex, causing property damage to hundreds of residents!

Twitter: @djordxc

28. The videos are truly surreal:

Twitter: @mole_cola

29. But at the end of the day, Texans are doing everything they can.

What do Texans wait in line to purchase when everything’s frozen over?

Twitter: @juanitaproctor

30. People are helping each other in any way they can.

I just skid off the road into some icy mud because of the black ice, and in less than a minute, two different trucks stopped and helped me get my car out of the mud. Texans really the best people, I love it here.

Twitter: @JoeCrush5

31. And even if they don't have salt, they have grits.

@briangaar In San Antonio here. We had nothing else on hand, so we poured grits on our frozen slippery stairs to get traction. It worked. 😎

Twitter: @stimptown

32. Stay safe out there!

Feet on a frozen pool