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    Then & Now Pictures Of NSYNC And Backstreet Boys That Will Seriously, Seriously Age You

    All of them are over 40. All of them!

    Here's a 2021 update about what *our* boys are up to today.

    We'll start with NSYNC.

    theyre wearing ski suits at the american music awards

    First off, NSYNC were formed 26 years ago. 26 years ago!

    they are hugging under an american flag

    Here's Chris then:

    he has his signature braids and a big ole grin

    He is, of course, known for being a style icon. Remember his fashion line Fuman Skeeto?

    wearing a furry cap and an illfitting suit

    And here's Chris now:

    He's 49 and living in Nashville with his wife and son, Nash.

    And here he is hosting a '90s party:

    Joey then:

    he has bright red hair

    I like to think of his "Ronald McDonald" era as being his most iconic.

    he has bright red hair

    And Joey now:

    He's 44 now and enjoying his full-on silver daddy era.

    Here he is wishing his ex a happy Mother's Day with his 11-year-old daughter, Kloey.

    He now self-identifies as "FAT-ONE."

    his twitter bio says "they call me the fat one"

    And is really, really just embracing the "FAT-ONE" thing.

    Oh yeah, Joey has a daughter who is 20 years old.

    JC then:

    he is wearing a weird white shirt with a lot of strings

    He is best known as being the best singer of the band and also for his chinstrap and Karen-esque haircuts.

    he has a karen haircut and a chinstrap at the blockbuster awards

    JC now:

    He keeps a pretty low profile, but he did do this incredible cover of "Back for Good" with Gary Barlow from Take That.

    View this video on YouTube

    Again, JC is, and will always be, the best voice in NSYNC. 

    Lance then:

    he's looking straight into the camera

    Here he is on the beach, soaking wet in jeans.

    he's posing in jeans soaking wet on the beach

    Lance now:

    He's 42 and has been married to his partner, Michael, since 2014.

    And now they're expecting twins!

    Justin then:

    ramen hair era

    He is probably best known for his ramen noodle hair.

    at the AMAs with stringy hair

    Justin now:

    He turned 40 this year.

    And has a 6-year-old son named Silas with Jessica Biel.

    So, that was NSYNC.

    And now let's look at the Backstreet Boys.

    they are cuddling stuffed animals

    They've been together for 28 years. 28 years!

    28 years ago today we were meeting each other for the first time. It felt exciting and hopeful but little did we know how much this one day would shape us.

    Twitter: @backstreetboys

    Nick then:

    he's standing on a chair goofily

    He's the youngest member of the group.

    he's doing a hand out boyband dance move in 1997

    Nick now:

    He's 41 and has three kids. I know there are two kids in this picture, but they just had their third earlier this year.

    AJ then:

    he's shrugging in a lot of 90s clothing, very baggy clothing

    He wore a lot of cowboy hats and often times had weird facial hair.

    in a cowboy hat with a chinstrap

    He's 43 and has two daughters.

    He's an ally.

    And he will always be my favorite Backstreet Boy!!!

    Kevin then:

    he's holding his hands out in a classic boyband pose

    TBH, I always thought he was the hottest one.

    hes at the premiere of never been kissed in a pink shirt

    Kevin now:

    He's the oldest member of the Backstreet Boys at 49. He turns 50 on October 3!

    He also has a very cute dog named Baloo.

    Howie then:

    he's kneeling and holding his hands up charlie angels style

    He always gave great face.

    he's tilting his head and looks like a model

    Howie now:

    He is 48 and has two kids and a wife.

    He celebrated his 13th wedding anniversary with his wife on a PJ.

    Brian then:

    he's holding up a chair like he's going to attack you with it

    Here's a picture of him with a big chain, sensible sweater, and some baggy shorts.

    very 1999

    Brian now:

    He's 46 with a wife and a teenage son.

    Last year, we found out that Brian may or may not be a QAnon-believing Trump supporter.

    Two days after the Capitol insurrection, Brian joined the conservative/QAnon-heavy social network Parler. It's a whole thing, and you can read about it here.

    BTLittrell come find me... hahah like where’s Waldo Join me on Parler Social Media!

    Twitter: @brian_littrell

    And there you have it: Everyone in your favorite boy bands has multiple kids, is married, over 40, and lives in the suburbs*.

    *Except JC — honestly, good for him, because as my mom always said, "Kids are overrated."