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    I Am Fascinated By James Van Der Beek's Big Blonde Family Of Small Children

    Strong genes. Very strong genes.

    A few months ago I did a post about celebrities I had no idea had a ton of kids.

    One of those people on the list was James Van Der Beek.

    James has a small army of children.

    He's always posting pictures of his big blonde family on Instagram.

    These, my friends, are really strong genes.

    Imagine this trip to the airport?

    How are they smiling?

    Here they are being carted around in a medium-sized wagon.

    Here they are trying to break into a home.

    And here they are on various levels of a rock formation.

    The Duggars are shaking.

    In the words of my grandma: God bless you, James. God bless you.

    Good luck when you have five teens!