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29 Pictures That Show What Domestic Terrorism Looks Like In The United States

From tear gas to sledgehammers, this was anything but a "peaceful protest."

Moments ago, President-elect Biden called the violent mob who stormed the United States Capitol yesterday "domestic terrorists."

BREAKING: President-elect Biden just called Capitol rioters “domestic terrorists”

Twitter: @funder

Here's what that looks like:

1. These domestic terrorists had sledgehammers:

2. They had ladders:

3. They had canisters of chemical irritants:

4. One of the rioters was spewing tear gas all over the place:

5. Tear gas!

6. Walls were climbed:

7. Windows were smashed:

8. They used metal barricades to push back against police:

9. They used metal barricades to get in the building:

10. They basically used whatever they could to get in:

11. Even crutches:

12. People were literally kicking windows:

13. And jumping through them:

14. Outside, the police found pipe bombs:

#FBIWFO is offering a reward of up to $50K for info leading to the location, arrest & conviction of the person(s) responsible for the pipe bombs found in DC on Jan. 6. https://t.co/q9pdw6Rnoy

Twitter: @FBIWFO

15. And inside, some rioters had what appeared to be zip ties:

16. Zip ties!

17. This guy had them too:

18. They tossed furniture out of windows:

19. They tossed them in the hallways:

20. There was also fighting between the rioters and the police:

21. Congressional staffers had to barricade the doors with chairs and couches:

22. And when they finally got the rioters out, what was left was trash:

23. Trash on the statues:

24. Trash in the hallways:

25. "Subtle" messages on doors:

Rioters left this message inside The United States Capitol

Twitter: @AnthonyQuintano

26. Shattered office windows:

27. And broken glass:

28. Plenty of broken glass:

29. A "protest"? Nah.

This was a violent riot:

These people are domestic terrorists.