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    Literally Just Pictures Of Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Together For Those Who Had No Idea They Were Even Dating

    Brb, showing this to my grandma during commercials of Wheel Of Fortune.

    No offense but when I saw the news of Justin Bieber being engaged to Hailey Baldwin I was like what, who? Literally don't want any drama, but I decided it would be smart to find pictures of the *lucky couple* to show my mother, grandma, and random people on the street who want to be *in the know.*

    Being the good Samaritan and literal saint that I am, I used photo services we had available at BuzzFeed to download all the pictures of them we could afford.

    Without further ado, here we goooooo!

    This is a picture of them in a car.

    This is a picture of Justin taking a selfie with a fan and Hailey is in the background looking kind of annoyed.

    They are walking in this picture.

    Here they are walking again, but this time into a club.

    Here she is giving Justin a towel after he went swimming in a pair of long pants.

    Here they are smiling and laughing probably because someone said something nice or funny.

    In this picture, Justin is drinking coconut water.

    In this picture, Justin is drinking a Starbucks iced coffee.

    Sip sip!

    This is a riveting picture of them holding hands and walking.

    And lastly, here is this other picture completely unrelated to Hailey Baldwin that I found because I thought it was funny and weird.

    Thank you for your time.