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    26 People Who Should Not Be Allowed On Instagram

    Remember that time a pack of rabid raccoons attacked some girl as she Instagrammed a sunset?

    1. The woman who didn't notice a pack of rabid raccoons as she Instagrammed a sunset.

    2. The man who was charged with 142 felonies because he couldn't stop taking selfies.

    3. The daycare worker who compared a little kid to Mater from Cars.

    4. This group of girls who thought they met Drake.

    5. Anyone who posts this quote.

    6. Anyone who posts pictures of their new credit cards.

    7. Freshly spray-tanned moms that are still breastfeeding.

    8. Anyone who dangles babies off of balconies.

    9. Anyone who uses the hashtag #stabbed.

    10. Teens.

    11. People with real dolls.

    12. Anyone who thought NPH was Paul Walker.

    13. Anyone who takes selfies when a building is burning down behind them.

    14. Anyone who ever felt alone in a crowded room that was actually a large field overlooking a ton of houses.

    15. The teens who bought $120 worth of Carl's Jr. with stolen money and then took a picture of it.

    Like, what?!

    16. The Subway worker who TOOK A PICTURE OF HIS PENIS ON A PIECE OF BREAD.

    17. The couple that couldn't resist taking pictures of a steak dinner with a side of mac 'n' cheese.

    18. The guy who stole part of Paul Walker's car at a stoplight.

    19. The teens who made it rain on grandma.

    20. The girl side-eyeing the "White House."

    21. Fitness accounts that can't spell muscles.

    22. This girl who almost Photoshopped this pic correctly.

    23. This guy's hand.

    24. Backseat drivers.

    25. Anyone "caught" sleeping.

    26. And for emphasis, one last time, teens.