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28 People Who Came Out In The Last Few Years And Prove It's Never Too Late To Be A Little Gay

Today I learned the guy who sings "Shut Up And Dance With Me" is bi.

1. DJ Qualls

a portrait of dj qualls

The actor came out in early 2020 on Twitter as gay.

It is 11:20pm. I just came out on stage at a @jimjefferies show in San Diego. Yep, I’m gay. Been gay this whole time. Tired of worrying about what people would think of me. Tired of worrying about what it would do to my career.

Twitter: @theonlydjqualls

2. Carole Baskin

3. Alyson Stoner

alyson at the vmas

4. Rebecca Black

5. Stacey London

stacey on a red carpet

In 2019, Stacey posted a lengthy Instagram post responding to a meme about her being gay.

6. Abbi Jacobson

abbi in blue

7. Nikki Blonsky (from Hairspray)

niki blonsky on tiktok

8. Lilly Singh

lily at the glaad awards

9. Tess Holiday

tess looking glam

10. Niecy Nash

Niecy got married to Jessica Betts in August 2020.

Mrs. Carol Denise Betts 💍 @jessicabettsmusic #LoveWins🌈 📸 @robertector

Twitter: @NiecyNash

11. Da Brat

da brat in the 90s

She came out in March 2020 with this Instagram post dedicated to her girlfriend.

12. Tinashe

13. Nicholas Petricca of Walk the Moon

He came out as bisexual on Instagram in 2020.

14. Taylor Schilling

Her girlfriend posted this picture last year during Pride.

15. Danell Leyva

daniel and a silver medal

The gymnast came out on Twitter as bi/pan in October 2020.

A thread for #NationalComingOutDay For a long time I’ve known that I wasn’t straight. But because of certain very personal reasons, I always rejected that side of me. Earlier this year I finally understood that I’m bi/pan (still trying to figure that one out) but...

Twitter: @DanellJLeyva

I also realized that, as of now at least, I’m not attracted to cis men. (That comes with those personal reasons I just mentioned). But I felt that it was time for me to finally share this with you all. As most of you can imagine, this is absolutely terrifying....

Twitter: @DanellJLeyva

16. Julianne Hough

17. Tessa Thompson

tessa on a red carpet

18. Nikki Tutorials

Nikki Tutorials came out as trans in a YouTube video from early 2020.

View this video on YouTube

Nikki Tutorials /

19. Kehlani

kehlani on a red carpet

20. Braunwyn Windham-Burke

on realhousewives reunion set

21. Stormy Daniels

on a red carpet

She came out as bisexual on Twitter in 2019.

@BoroPark85 Nope...I like to fuck men and women. It's called bisexual.

Twitter: @StormyDaniels

22. Tyler Blackburn

tyler in a striped shirt

23. Lee Pace

lee at a bild interview

As a member of the queer community, I understand the importance of living openly, being counted, and happily owning who I am. That’s how I’ve always lived my life...

24. Kevin McHale

kevin on a red carpet

25. François Arnaud from Schitt's Creek

26. J. August Richards

in an episode of council for dads

27. Brendon Urie

brendon a glsen event

28. Barry Manilow

Barry in the 70s