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28 People That Are More Qualified New York Ambassadors Other Than Taylor Swift

I really do like Taylor Swift. But these are the true ambassadors to New York.

Background: Taylor Swift is now officially the ambassador of New York City. What this means? I don't know. But it's wrong. These people are much better.

1. That Asshole Who Has A Cat On His Head

2. Leonardo DiCaprio on a CitiBike

3. Dr. Zizmor

4. The Woman Who Had Her Skin Miraculously Cleared Up By Dr. Zizmor Approximately 25 Years Ago

5. The "Big Baby" Of Times Square

6. That Guy That's Been Dancing Around In A Thong In The Union Square Subway Station

7. That Guy Who's Looking For A Girlfriend

8. The Rainbow Bearded Queen

9. That Guy Who Sits In Washington Square Park Covered In Pigeons

10. "Robert Darling"

11. That Guy Who Plays Street Golf With Milk Cartons

12. Yolanda Vega

13. The Lady That Walks Chickens

14. The East River Piano

15. The Guy Who Wears A Horse Head Mask And Plays The Accordion

16. This Dog Dressed As Teddy Roosvelt On A Horse

17. The Couple From The Grand Prospect Park Commercial

18. The 1-800-ENGLISH Girl


20. Pat Kiernan

21. Mr. G and Jimmy McMillan

22. The Central Park Big Bird

23. The Ghost Of The NYU Time Keeper

24. Uncle Majic

25. All of the black squirrels

26. Produce Pete

27. Roscoe The Bedbug Dog

28. Wendell The Garbage Man