Ashley Tisdale Made Her Husband Buy 400 Books For A Magazine Photo Shoot Which Ignited A Huge Debate About Books As Decor

    Just another day online.

    For millennials of a certain age who have lived on the internet for the past 20+ years, Ashley Tisdale is known as THE mid-'00s style icon.

    Ashley is wearing a cameo skirt, space boots with bows, a fur sash, buttoned-up jean jacket and a sequence purse

    From her legendary Princess Diaries 2 red carpet look:

    Ashley wears a sleep mask as a headband, a feather boa, and slippers with her jeans

    To her inconique Tiger Cruise look:

    Ashley wearing sparkly ballet flats, another fur accessory over a sparkly dress

    She did the era RIGHT, and I seriously mean that!!

    Ashely wears sparkly ballet flats, a flared skirt, a fringe cardigan, and larger purse

    But for some, Ashley is now that person that made her husband run out and buy 400 books to fill a bookshelf for one of those (already fake/staged) celebrity shoots.

    Sooo, Ashley did a tour of her house for Architectural Digest and her book shelf has started a huge debate about buying books as decor.

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    Architectural Digest

    It all started with this tweet:

    Architectural Digest

    And then all hell broke lose.

    This is the bookshelf in question, or "public enemy #1" for some:

    a decorated book shelf

    In the clip, Ashley says, "These bookshelves, I have to be honest, did not actually have books in them a couple of days ago."

    "I had my husband go to a bookstore and and I was like, 'you need to get 400 books.'"

    "Obviously my husband was like 'we should be collecting books over time and putting them on the shelves.' And I was like 'no, no, no NOT when AD comes.'"

    This made people online very angry...

    ...for, uhh, Ashley buying books.

    This person questioned why Ashley didn't fill the shelves slowly over time.

    @sarahccaldwell Isn't it fun filling a book shelf slowly over time? Or being like I have a shelf. I have money. Let us purchase copies of our favourite books to sniff, stroke, read & love. We will fill the rest of the shelves with books we think the other would like to read & talk about.

    Twitter: @rattixempire1

    This person said they don't trust people who don't fill their bookshelves.

    @sarahccaldwell I am not sure that I trust people who haven't filled every square inch of their bookshelves.

    Twitter: @WickedRandom

    And this person called it just sad.

    Twitter: @andyls

    Basically, the thread was a jumbled mess...

    Buuuut then opinion shifted and people were like, "what the fuck is going on, why are people mad at Ashley Tisdale for buying books?!"

    Wait are people mad at Ashley Tisdale for buying books for her bookshelf? 😭

    Twitter: @gamerharmonyJay


    genuine question why are people mad that ashley tisdale bought loads of books?

    Twitter: @ashoutedword

    How is this even happening?!

    people judging ashley tisdale for buying books for her OWN bookshelf with her OWN money, i hate it here

    Twitter: @stardustsunz

    And as the Who? Weekly podcast said, hey, at least she was being honest.

    respect to Ashley Tisdale for her radical honesty here. she bought "400 books" to fill her empty bookshelves in advance of AD's arrival. (plenty of celebrities do this... they just don't admit it!)

    Twitter: @whoweekly

    But really, I think the overwhelming opinion is hey, good on her for supporting bookstores and authors.

    The way people are criticizing Ashley Tisdale for…buying books?? Supporting authors and a bookstore??? Like who gives af if she reads them, as if I’ve read most of the books I own

    Twitter: @wlwanningsquad

    The thread got so wild that Ashley responded to the tweet:

    @sarahccaldwell Let’s clear this up. There are some of my books from over the years in there but yea 36 shelves that hold 22 books I did not have and any interior designer would have done the same. They do it all the time, I was just honest about it.

    Twitter: @ashleytisdale

    So yeah, that's enough of the internet for the day.

    a woman saying "find me a church to go to"

    Maybe this thing was a bad idea.

    a woman leaving saying "I don't like dark-sided stuffs"