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People Are Laughing At This FBI Agent's Disguise For A "60 Minutes" Interview Because It Really Is That Bad

"I thought this was an April Fool's Day joke."

We've all watched TV shows where they interview someone wearing a disguise.

Sometimes they black their faces out.

Silhouetted person by a window with the name "Sharon Johnson" onscreen

Sometimes they blur them.

Person relaxing on a sofa holding a remote control with blurred face for privacy

And other times the person will put a blanket on, pop some sunglasses on, and call it a day.

Person in a humorous blanket disguise with sunglasses giving an interview

And now one disguise from a 60 Minutes interview is going viral.

Silhouette of an unidentifiable person with a cap labeled '72' amidst a dimly lit setting

60 Minutes did a report on Havana Syndrome and they interviewed a FBI agent named "Carrie":

60 Minutes did a great job disguising their source. Nobody is ever going to be able to identify this woman. pic.twitter.com/uH1gOYFnAS

— Olivia Nuzzi (@Olivianuzzi) April 1, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @Olivianuzzi

Yep, this was "Carrie's" disguise:

The “disguise” 60 minutes gave an FBI agent who claims to have Havana Syndrome is not helping her case pic.twitter.com/NohdbWLK3c

— MKUltraboost (@hashy_larry) March 31, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @hashy_larry

"I don't understand why they didn't just blur her face," one person asked.

I do not understand why they didn’t just blur her face.

This will fool the sort of people who don’t realize Clark Kent is Superman because he wears glasses. https://t.co/Sm2O4Vc8L5

— Breathtaking Inanity (@breathtkinan) April 1, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @breathtkinan

"Like, what does she normally look like?" another person questioned.

I was cackling at this last night. Like what does she normally look like??? https://t.co/n1QzaGzewF

— same name since '88 (@mousemoney) April 1, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @mousemoney

This person thought it was an April Fool's Day joke.

i thought this was an April Fool’s joke. https://t.co/P3rIHrBkuV

— Jane Slater (@SlaterNFL) April 1, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @SlaterNFL

And this person compared it to a Sia wig.

Costume department really thought they cooked with the Sia wig https://t.co/C4HIxhjUPk pic.twitter.com/MYEL12G2iT

— Sandwich Selektah (@steakwilson) April 1, 2024
CBS/Twitter: @steakwilson

Like, it really seemed like a parody...

Is this a parody of 60 Minutes? https://t.co/8Zcs1NqA13

— 🇺🇸David V🎸🎼 (@TheRealUnclePe) April 1, 2024
CBS/ Twitter: @TheRealUnclePe

Either way, I hope "Carrie" from the FBI is doing great, and hopefully she got to keep that Lady Gaga wig!

Woman interviewed on "60 Minutes," making hand gestures while speaking to a male interviewer off-screen