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    People Are Just Realizing That The Iconic Fountain In "Friends" Was Also In "Hocus Pocus"

    Well golly gee.

    BuzzFeed is known for writing about three things: 1. Things about Friends 2. Things about Hocus Pocus and 3. Telling you things people find weird about Americans over and over and over again.

    Today I found out something that intersects two of those.

    So, you know that part in Hocus Pocus when they think they've killed the Sanderson sisters in the kiln?

    After they "killed" them, they run to some random park and Max tells the cat he's now part of the family.

    Meanwhile, Dani and Allison are playing in the park.

    But here's something I never knew before: That fountain in Hocus Pocus is the same one in Friends.

    The same fountain!


    Hocus Pocus:

    You learn something new every day.

    How old were you when you found out that the iconic Friends fountain is the same fountain from Hocus Pocus?


    Another FYI that should be pretty obvious by now, but the Friends fountain is not in New York City.

    Took some pics with random fountains in Central Park hoping one would be the Friends fountain, only to later google and find out that the fountain is actually in California. Pls enjoy anyways

    The Friends fountain is in California on a Warner Brothers studio lot.

    Now you can be the annoying friend and point this out every time you watch the movie with other people.