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Pedro Pascal's Intense Starbucks Order Is Going Viral, And I'm Pretty Sure It Would Put Me In An Anxiety-Induced Caffeine Haze

"As a barista I feel like my work would make me sign a legal waiver before handing Pedro Pascal his Starbucks order."

Every other day, some completely random thing involving Pedro Pascal goes viral.

I haven't seen this type of insatiable thirst since Chris Evans' pre–puppy interview era circa 2021.

Pedro Pascal really is the moment.

This time, Pedro is going viral for his, uh, slightly concerning Starbucks order.

TikTok user Alexafromspace had a choice encounter with the *slutty daddy* in New York, and people were quick to pick up on something...


Met THE DADDY of the daddies 2 weeks ago and he was pure gold #pedropascal #fyp #daddy #pedropascaledit

♬ Big Boys (sped up + reverb) - Remix - NVBR

That thing being his Starbucks order.


Daddy needs his coffee every morning to carry the entire world and a fandom over his shoulders #pedropascal #pedropascalstarbucks #starbucksdrinks #pedropascaledit #zaddy #fyp #espressotiktok

♬ Hey Sexy Lady [Feat. Brian & Tony Gold] - Shaggy

It's literally just six shots of espresso on some ice.

i wouldn’t die if i had pedro pascal starbucks order. right?

@alexafromspace/ Twitter: @vinnydandansTTV

Obviously, that is a shit ton of caffeine.

me, in the Starbucks drive thru, trying to decide if I have the balls to try Pedro Pascal's order

Fox/ Twitter: @coffeecupwitch

And people are wondering if it's seriously heart attack–inducing.

so girls, gays, and theys - when are we all rolling up to Starbucks to get Pedro Pascal's order and having a collective heart attack?

@alexafromspace/ Twitter: @KestrelDawn_

From "is he okay"...

Pedro pascal's starbucks order is crazy, is he okay 😭

Twitter: @enchante3DR "I gotta see what he gets done."

i need to see pedro pascal after he drinks that starbucks order. i gotta see what he gets done

Twitter: @IrisOrigins

This barista felt like it should come with a legal waiver.

as a barista i feel like my work would make me sign a legal waiver before handing pedro pascal his starbucks order

@alexafromspace/ Twitter: @uhhkyra

Some brave souls have tried it for themselves.

So I tried Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order and honestly, how are either of us still alive 😭

Twitter: @NickIsDevile

This person felt like they were gonna vom.

i tried pedro pascal d starbucks order and i feel like im gonna vomit xx

Twitter: @needtop1ss

This person's heart almost gave out.

i tried pedro pascal’s starbucks order and my heart almost gave out

Twitter: @GracieEliseY

And this person was worried their friend would die mid-flight.

Pedro Pascal, I love you, but if my friend dies midflight after trying your Starbucks order, I will have a personal vengeance against you

Twitter: @meredithmlex

Six shots is a lot!

seeing pedro pascal’s starbucks order makes me feel better about myself

Twitter: @elersha

Anyway, I guess I need to try this, because if Pedro does it, then I do too. 😏

Pedro Pascal Starbucks order!! Daddy are you ok?? 😳😳

@alexafromspace/ Twitter: @SukiBellati

I'm sure I'll end up like this. <3

Pedro pointing with his mouth open as he looks to the ceiling