Here's Why Pedro Pascal Changed His Stage Name When He Was 24

    Of course it was for a wickedly sweet reason.

    Many celebs have changed their stage name because their birth name was *too hard to pronounce.*

    "Hello, my name is ___" written on a blackboard

    Mindy Kaling was born Vera Mindy Chokalingam but shortened it to "Mindy Kaling" because "emcees for these comedy shows would have trouble pronouncing it, and then they'd make a joke about [her] last name."

    A close-up of Mindy smiling on the red carpet

    Aaron Paul's birth name is Aaron Paul Sturtevant, but he dropped the "Sturtevant" because casting directors couldn't pronounce it.

    Aaron raising a fist in the air

    And Theo James, born Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis, did the same because "Taptiklis" is "kind of hard to say."

    A close-up of Theo James

    But yesterday, I learned that Pedro Pascal is part of this *club.*

    Pedro Pascal smiling on the red carpet

    Before Pedro went by "Pedro Pascal," he went by his birth name: Pedro Balmaceda.

    Pedro talking to photographers as he holds his pointer finger up

    In an interview with Esquire, Pedro said his mother died when he was 24.

    Close-up of Pedro smiling

    And as an homage to his mother, he decided to change his last name from his father's last name, "Balmaceda," to "Pascal," which is his mother's birth name.

    Pedro in a plaid shirt smiling

    He told Variety in another interview that he also changed it “because Americans had such a hard time pronouncing Balmaceda."

    Close-up of Pedro

    And “it was exhausting.”

    Close-up of Pedro smiling

    Anyway, just a fun fact if you didn't know, because I definitely didn't!

    Close-up of Pedro smiling and signing a poster

    I'll leave you with this pic of Pedro with a mustache.

    Pedro in a bow tie