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    This American Man Hilariously Took His Australian Boyfriend To Outback Steakhouse To See How Authentic It Was, And He Was Very, Very Confused

    I finally found out if a bloomin' onion was Australian or not.

    I love a good American and non-American couple.


    My favorite show is 90 Day Fiancé after all. 

    We've seen a bunch of Italian and American couples going viral recently.

    But now I found an Australian and American one.

    Meet Chris and Charles.

    They decided to go to Outback Steakhouse to get Charles' opinions about it.

    outback steakhouse sign
    Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

    Which, BTW, it would be a sin for me not to mention that Outback has *the* best bread in the business!

    Do you look at the bread as half gone or half left? #steakhousephilosophy

    Twitter: @outback

    Anyway, Chris posted his experience in viral TikToks. Here's part 1:


    Taking my Aussie boyf to a traditional Aussie meal 😂 #boyfriends #gaycouple #australian #outback #gay

    ♬ Summer day - TimTaj

    And here's part 2:

    For those who can't watch the TikToks, let me break it down for you.

    a mouth super imposed on an outback steakhouse
    @bautistud / Via

    First off, Charles was asked what he knew about the restaurant to begin with.

    outback steakhouse with the text listen to what he assumes over it
    @bautistud / Via

    He knew that there were these things called "bloomin' onions" on the menu, but he really had no idea what they were.

    they are in the car with a bloomin onion super imposed on their heads
    @bautistud / Via

    He expected there to be some sort of schnitzel.

    they are in the car and a schnitzel is superimposed
    @bautistud / Via

    And for dessert, he said there better be a pavlova.

    they are in the car and the pavlova is superimposed on them
    @bautistud / Via

    Now, let's see what happened...

    they are smiling in the car
    @bautistud / Via

    Automatically, he was "impressed" by the super-authentic Aussie decor.

    a wooden australian flag on a wall
    @bautistud / Via

    Which, like, same. I especially love the kangaroo crossing signs.

    a kangaroo crossing the street sign warning
    @bautistud / Via

    Then, the menu. It was a bit confusing.

    there's a boomerang icon what does that signify
    @bautistud / Via

    The questions amounted to: What is Australian about this?

    how is a margarita austrlian he says confused
    @bautistud / Via

    And mac 'n' cheese? What?

    mac & cheese is not austarlian
    @bautistud / Via

    They basically noticed that these were just American foods with Australian words in front of it:

    like wallaby
    @bautistud / Via

    Like any normal human being, he loved the bloomin' onion, which, like, is truly one of the most delicious foods in the world.

    he smiling towering over a bloomin onion
    @bautistud / Via

    I know this image looks gross, but damn it's so good.

    it's a greasy messy bloomin onion
    @bautistud / Via

    He got a steak, and he ate it with mustard because apparently that's Australian.

    a closeup of steak
    @bautistud / Via

    And a Foster's, which, like, I'm still not sure if that's Australian or not?

    he's drinking a beer
    @bautistud / Via

    Overall, he gave it a 7 out of 10.

    they are laughing in the car
    @bautistud / Via

    But he gave it a 0 for being authentically Australian.

    ha ha ha in the car
    @bautistud / Via

    And when jokingly asked if it was "cultural appropriation," they just laughed:

    they're laughing in the car
    @bautistud / Via

    Either way, I'm craving that pumpernickel bread now!

    Do you look at the bread as half gone or half left? #steakhousephilosophy

    Twitter: @outback

    BTW, you can follow Chris on TikTok and Instagram!