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Updated on Jul 29, 2019. Posted on Jul 28, 2019

Only Millennials And Gays Know Lil' Kim's Rap In "Lady Marmalade," Do You?

The Lil Kim verse only.

There are a few early 2000s rap interludes that *every* gay and millennial knows. There's Left Eye's verse in "No Scrubs," Kiely's verse in "No More," and, of course, most importantly, Lil' Kim's verse in "Lady Marmalade." Take this quiz to see just how well you know it.

  1. We come through with the ___ and the garter belts

  2. Let him know we 'bout that __ straight out the gate (uh)

  3. We independent women, some mistake us for __
    I'm sayin', Why spend mine when I can spend yours?

  4. Disagree? Well, that's you, and I'm sorry
    I'ma keep playing these cats out like __

  5. Wear high heel shoes, get love from the __
    Four badass chicks from the Moulin Rouge

  6. Hey sistas, soul sistas, betta get that __, sistas

  7. We drink wine with diamonds in the glass
    By the case, the meaning of __ taste

  8. __ __ __ gitchie, gitchie, ya-ya
    Mocha Chocolata (what)
    Creole Lady Marmalade


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