29 Characters From Your Childhood That Definitely Voted For Trump

    "MAGA" - Ferguson Darling, probably.

    1. Mrs. Finster from Recess

    2. Eustance from Courage The Cowardly Dog

    3. Ferguson

    4. Tony PaJAMas

    5. Billy Zane in Titanic

    6. Johnny Bravo

    7. Old Man Jenkins

    8. Quinn Morgendorffer

    9. Muffy

    10. Metapod, the Pokemon

    11. Sid from Hey Arnold

    12. Meatloaf, the bus driver from Spice World

    13. Kate from Lizzie McGuire

    14. Frankie Stechino from Boy Meets World

    15. George Jetson

    16. The Gromble

    17. Principal Buttsavage from Doug

    18. Nevel Papperman

    19. London Tipton

    20. Reese from Malcolm In The Middle

    21. The kid who wore the hockey mask on Rocket Power

    22. Tad and Chad from Fairly Oddparents

    23. Bob the Builder (after his re-design)

    24. Dionne from Clueless

    25. Sidetable Drawer from Blues Clues

    26. Eddy's brother from Ed, Edd, and Eddie

    27. Fluffy (Angelica's cat on Rugrats)

    28. Mrs. George

    29. And Ross from Friends