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Oh Hell No, Ariana Grande IS NOT The Modern-Day Britney Spears

Jesus Christ.

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First off, Ariana Grande is perfectly fine. She's great. "Break Free" is the gay anthem we've all been waiting for. "Honeymoon Avenue" is, like, totally MY JAM. "Problem" is good even if I can't understand anything she's actually saying.

But there's something completely flawed about comparing Ariana to Britney Spears. At 21, Ariana has had a legit fraction of accomplishment compared to Britney at the same age.


Remember this album? Of course you do. It's iconic. The Oops album still holds the record for the most albums EVER SOLD by a female artist in its debut week with over 1.3 million albums sold.


In comparison, Ariana Grande's last album sold 138,000 albums in the first week. *Scoffs*


Tour-wise, the comparison is not. even. there. because Ariana has yet to *really* tour.


I mean, it doesn't get much better than this.

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A future star? Yes. The modern-day Britney. No way.

I'm out.


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