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    The "Octomom" Shared A Rare Picture Of Her Eight Kids Together For Their 14th Birthday, And Here's How They Ended Up

    And now I'm craving a vegan donut.

    The year was 2009.

    Two people wearing glasses that read 2009

    Bump-its were a fashion accessory people willingly wore.

    A close-up of Snooki rocking a Bump-it

    Blackberries were still *cutting edge* technology.

    Courtney Cox holding a Blackberry as someone in a Shrek costumes looks on

    And people wanted to be bitten *very hard* by vampires.

    2009 was also the year the world was introduced to Nadya Suleman.

    Nadya is sitting in a chair as she shows off her hospital wristbands

    You probably remember her best as "Octomom."

    Nady at a milkshake shop with her children

    Nadya had octuplets via in vitro fertilization, and it was a huge controversy at the time because Nadya already had six children. She was also single and unemployed.

    Things got real messy, real fast.

    A man shielding Nadya as they walk through a crowd

    She did porn, milkshake endorsements, and celebrity boxing.

    Nadya squaring up at a weigh-in for a boxing match

    It was all pretty bleak!

    Nadya standing next to a sign showing a cat with kittens and the caption "Don't let your dog or cat become an 'octomom'"

    But then the media moved on, and she kind of disappeared.

    Now, it appears Nadya lives a much quieter life.

    She's super into working out.

    And super into her vegan lifestyle. The octuplets are actually all vegan.

    As for the kids, they're in eighth grade now.

    And everyone seems good!

    Here they are on Mother's Day last year:

    I'm happy to report the octuplets are celebrating a new milestone...

    They turned 14!

    Nadya posted a picture of all eight of them holding vegan donuts:


    So, yep, the octuplets are 14 now, and sorry for this daily reminder of your own mortality, ya old bag!