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Kim Kardashian Getting Rejected From A Pizza Place Is The Most Relatable Thing She's Ever Done

We'll always have McDonald's.

Fact: Kim Kardashian is relatable.

She gets facials with her own blood...

...and a thousand red roses for Valentine's Day.

She even rented out an entire baseball stadium for her engagement.

Peasant shit!

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But the other night, Kim became HER MOST relatable.

Let me set the backstory: We've all been there before. You're feeling that rum rum (rumble) in your bel bel (belly). You, my dear sweets, are HUNGRY. So, what do you want? Pizza, of course, because everyone loves pizza unless you are a damn FREAK (no offense to freaks, ur cool).

So anyway, Miss Kim was headed to a pizza place. She had that "I'm gonna go eat pizza glow" to her. She is stromboli struttin' to that sticky icky!

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*"Gimme Pizza" plays inside Kim's head*

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"Pizza. P-I-Z-Z-A. Gimme Pizza."

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Kim arrived at this fine establishment...

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...but mamma mia!!!! It was closed.

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Unfortunately, Kim Kim had to do the pizza walk of shame. There is nothing worse except starving to death.

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Sorry, Kimmy! Pizza doesn't wait for nobody!

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Guess you'll have to settle for whatever's in your fridge (eggs?) like most of us!

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Rock on peasant life!

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