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    Noah Centineo Showed Us How He Showers After His Knee Replacement Surgery And It's Almost NSFW

    Leak the uncensored version. LEAK IT NOW.

    Sometimes celebrities go out there and give us exactly what we want.

    And sometimes they don't.

    But this time, Noah Centineo gave us exactly and precisely what we wanted.


    A seven-minute-long Instagram story about him taking a shower.

    Mg7 / Getty Images

    So, not to glamorize knee replacement surgery, but Noah had to have a knee replacement after a basketball accident and that's why he showed us this shower video.

    Homie: wanna hoop? Me: fuck it we ball *dislocates knee*

    Noah posted the video on his Instagram story.

    He had to get off the couch.

    He got his crutches.

    Then he hobbled up the stairs.

    *Hobble hobble*

    He had to change into a bathing suit.

    While he changed, Noah admitted he's a "grower not a shower."

    Grower...not a shower.

    The more you know.

    Mg7 / Getty Images

    The sad bathing begins.

    His next obstacle is the stairs.

    He slides down the stairs.

    He made it out alive.

    Then he posted this picture to his grid:

    Thank you for sharing your story, Noah. So brave of you.

    Mg7 / Getty Images

    In conclusion:

    You can watch the full story here:

    View this video on YouTube

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