We Ranked 72 Salad Toppings From Worst To Best

This is important.

72. Mandarin oranges

Belong in a can. Toxic and cheap!

71. Olives

Literally overpower the entire salad. Have no place in one.

70. Grapes

OK I think I’m gonna vomit.

69. Cilantro


68. Strawberries

Yeah, no!

67. Pears


66. Blueberries

No thanks, bud.

65. Raspberries

Are you trying to me me sick?!

64. Chopped apples

Not a fan!

63. Gorgonzola

Too intense.

62. Blue cheese


61. Onions

Overpowers the salad. Not good!

60. Sunflower seeds

Too small. Immediately fall to the bottom with no hope of resurrecting to the top.

59. Celery

Basically water. Not a thing.

58. Bean sprouts

No thanks. Adds nothing!

57. Asparagus

Makes your pee smell funny. Can’t get over that.

56. Zucchini

Trying too hard to be a thing. Not going to be a thing.

55. Beets

Make your teeth red. Aggressive.

54. Red cabbage

Filler. Doesn’t really add much. Also bitter.

53. Artichoke hearts

Kind of bland. Kind of a bad topping. Kind of unnecessary.

52. Salmon

Just not for me.

51. Sprouts

Kinda stringy. Seems like a better idea than it actually is.

50. Hummus

Not really meant for salads, but I’m never mad when it’s included.

49. Jalapeños

Not ideal for a salad but if you need something spicy this is where you obviously go.

48. Green beans

Yeah, it’s just really not a *salad food.*

47. Steak

Not ideal for salads.

46. Chopped tomatoes

Always too many of them.

45. Grape tomatoes

Literally explosive. Dangerous to clothing. Better than chopped.

44. Crispy noodles

TBH the worst of the “crunchy” chiplike add-ons. Still, any breadlike crunchy thing in a salad is good.

43. Radishes

What are they even?

42. Edamame


41. Eggplant

Always chewy. The skin has a weird texture.

40. Cucumber

Can simply add a nice crunch.

39. Brussels sprouts

VERY hit or miss. Can be either amazing or awful. Choose wisely.

38. Goat cheese

It’s OK. Can be clumpy. Still cheese.

37. Tofu

Sometimes good. Also hit or miss.

36. Tortilla chips

Can get soggy. Kind of problematic. Still a carb.

35. Black beans

A nice filler. Can be gassy.

34. Pecans

A decent nut.

33. Pine nuts

Also a decent nut. We need to talk about pine nuts more often.

32. Cauliflower

Will always be broccoli’s ugly stepsister. (No offense.)

31. Almonds

Always better if chopped. Good flavor, though.

30. Dried cranberries

Spunky and fun.

29. Pomegranate seeds

The best of the “sweet” add-ons. Nice crunch.

28. Turkey

Usually lovely. A solid substitute for chicken.

27. Tuna

The most underrated salad protein.

26. Feta cheese

Low-key great. Flavorful!

25. Cottage cheese

Severely underrated. Needs more play in mainstream salad media.

24. Peppers

Great crunch. Fun flavor!

23. Peas

Amazing. Haters will say otherwise.

22. Kidney beans

A good bean.

21. Mushrooms

Good but polarizing. An acquired taste. Better when seasoned!

20. Cheddar cheese

Great because it’s cheese.

19. Heirloom tomatoes

Fancy tomatoes. Makes me feel rich, which therefore makes them taste better!

18. Quinoa

A nice treat. Legit just a good source of protein!

17. Bacon

Ton of flavor. Is bacon. Kind of defeats the purpose of *getting a salad* though. Fabu!

16. Squash

Sweet potatoes are better but these are still great.

15. Carrots

Better shredded. Great base.

14. Falafel

Love a good Mediterranean salad!

13. Mozzarella cheese

Excellent in ball form.

12. Walnuts

GREAT nut.

11. Broccoli

Make you feel healthy. Better cooked.

10. Corn

Always adds a nice crunch. Excellent!

9. Sweet potatoes

Delicious. Filling. Brings joy!

8. Chickpeas

Tend to fall to the bottom of the salad but, unlike sunflower seeds, are always a pleasant surprise when you get there.

7. Pepitas


6. Hard-boiled egg

Huge fan. Love when they use the special egg slicer. Cool tool!

5. Shrimp

A luxury item in the salad community.

4. Parmesan cheese

Adds a nice cheesy “crunch.” The bigger the flakes the better. The best salad cheese. A must!

3. Chicken

Arguably the most important part of the salad unless you are a vegetarian. End of story.

2. Avocado

Always costs extra and is always worth it.

1. Croutons

A true diamond in the salad roughage. The best, most important part of any salad. If you disagree then you are wrong.

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