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    Nick Cannon Posted A Hilarious Meme About Allllllll Of Those Kids He's Been Having

    *Laughs nervously* It's funny because it's true.

    A little over a week ago, we found out Nick Cannon was having his 11th child.

    Nick speaking into a mic at a comedy club

    Five days after that, we found out about baby #12.

    And then a day or so after that, he welcomed baby #11 onto God's green earth.

    It's mind bogglingly confusing, but I tried to recap it here.

    Nick Cannon is clearly on a one man mission to repopulate the Earth.

    In 500 years we’ll all be descendants of nick cannon

    Twitter: @nadiavandine

    And the memes about it are A+.

    Nick Cannon playing duck, duck, goose with his kids.

    Twitter: @Chris_Najdek

    From what his Father's Days must be like...

    Nick Cannon receiving all of his Happy Father’s Day cards today…

    Warner Bros./ Twitter: @TheKalenAllen what it's like to introduce all of his kids...

    Nickelodeon/ Twitter: @Souljayou1 all the damn dirty dishes.

    Nick Cannon after spending a night with his kids.

    Twitter: @_IamHarold

    The memes are hilarious.

    Nick Cannon with his kids school permission forms....

    WB/ Twitter: @RealAdamFrancis

    And now Nick is acknowledging all the foolery.

    Nick posted this meme to his IG account:

    Which, really, at this pace, I don't see a lie.

    And honestly, it's funny that he's in on the joke.

    See you here in a few weeks when I'm sure we'll get announcement #13!!