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This Is Not A Joke: We Found Out Nick Cannon Is Having ANOTHER Kid 5 Days After His Last Baby Announcement

Yes, you read that correctly.

Nick Cannon is in the news again!

*sees nick cannon trending* me: did he have another kid? *sees why he’s trending*


Yep, he's having baby #12.

Nick dj'ing

Literally LESS THAN A WEEK ago, five days to be exact, we found out about #11.

Nick smiles as he sits

Now we're hearing about #12!

Nick at a sporting event

That's FIVE babies in ONE YEAR.

He really is on a one-man mission to repopulate the world.

Let me try to recap all of this birthing...

Last week, Nick announced baby #11 with Alyssa Scott.

Alyssa posted a maternity shoot and also some pictures of them holding an ultrasound.

Baby #11's announcement came just a month after baby #10 with Brittany Bell.

Earlier in 2022, he had baby #8 with with Bre Tiesi and baby #9 with Lanisha Cole.

Nick speaking at a podium

But how did #12 happen?

Abby De La Rosa already has two kids with Nick Cannon.

She's currently pregnant.

And we found out that baby is actually Nick's from this Instagram story:

"1 night turned into 4 years and 3 kids real quick... I see no lies here smh. ya'll be safe out there."

So, yep, that's 12.

Nick Cannon playing duck, duck, goose with his kids.

Twitter: @Chris_Najdek

And 13 is probably around the corner.

Nick Cannon getting messages from all his children on Father's Day

Twitter: @BatmanSi

We'll see.

Nick Cannon calling his kids over to announce another baby’s coming

Fox/ Twitter: @TrivWorks