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    Poopin' Bottles Will Forever And Always Be The Best Spelling Mistake

    : D

    Hi world. I would like to tell you about a truly scary and intense reality.

    It doesn't involve dinosaurs chewing on human heads but it's equally scary and getting eaten by a dinosaur may even actually be preferred.

    Ladies and gentleman...

    ... brace your damn self.

    People are shitting bottles.

    Pooping bottles tonight. Champagne date night!

    It's, to quote someone who had it happen to them, "absolutely fukd."

    Pooping bottles, absolutely fukd

    I know you're asking, "where could this possibly happen?!"

    Well, I am here to tell you.

    It happened while this person was at work.

    pooping bottles at work. good luck to the customers who want complicated orders

    It happened at her Sweet 16.

    Can't wait to poop bottles in neon tonight #sweet16

    It happened while they were watching a wedding.

    Pooping bottles to wills and Kate

    And this man pooped 10 bottles!!!!

    Starting the night ;) pooping 10 bottles for chinos b day ;)


    It's straight up mortifying.

    Today's going to be a good day after work nail appt, shopping then pooping bottles for @kaycieleigh bday

    So basically, let's use this as an opportunity to feel better about ourselves.

    You don't poop bottles.

    Your landlord doesn't monitor your instagram for your pooped bottles.

    If I'm ever a landlord I'll just follow the tenant on IG make sure he's not pooping bottles with my rent money

    You don't poop bottles with your friend named Charli.

    Stay blessed and bottle-free.

    Shout outs to them pooping bottles with the boii

    I don't even know.


    Tequila shots and Stellas and now poopin bottles of champagne! I'm gonna have a massive hangover!!