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    33 Incredibly New York Things That Have Happened During The Pandemic That Show How New Yorkers Feel About The Coronavirus

    Some people say NYC is dead...these people disagree.

    1. This autumnal face mask:

    In the holiday spirit. #nyc #MTA #nycmta #onlyinnewyork #NY

    2. This voting sign:

    3. This sign about littering:

    A sign saying it's just really gross to throw your mask on the ground

    4. These speed daters:

    5. This barber setting up in the middle of the street:

    The struggle is real, my man set shop in middle of the street. #onlyinnyc #gottamakethatmoney #nycreopening cc: @Ally110867

    6. This woman with a sign on her back telling people to back the fuck up:

    New Yorkers being New Yorkers #NYC #Covid_19

    7. This banner hanging off of a building:

    8. Whoever did this:

    9. These "dining bubbles":

    10. This perfect subway graffiti:

    11. This menu:

    Love that this is catching on. Only in New York.

    12. This subway station after RBG passed away:

    This is why I love my city #RIPRBG #nyc

    13. This message to looters:

    THIS is why I love NY. We have a sense of humor about this crap. Stay strong NYC. #nyc #newyork #humor

    14. This bodega sign:

    15. This COVID graffiti:

    16. This face mask sign:

    17. This billboard:

    18. This unconventional face mask:

    Only in New York! The Chrysler Building face mask...

    19. This ambulance blasting Bill Withers:

    Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn: An ambulance is driving around blasting Bill Withers’ “Just The Two Of Us.” There is solidarity all around us. RIP Bill Withers.

    20. This neighbor:

    21. This bodega giving away free face masks:

    22. This bodega giving an update about their cat:

    Bodega on the corner shut down, but the bodega cat is fine!

    "Don't worry, our cat Nabi is with us at home."

    23. This sign of appreciation:

    Plus telecom workers. Spotted on the window of a grocery store in Brooklyn.

    24. This mattress:

    25. This statue wearing a face mask:

    Even the statue I walked by had a mask on!

    26. This lion wearing a face mask:

    The New York Public Library's iconic lions, Patience and Fortitude, are now wearing 3-foot masks to remind New Yorkers to do the same.

    27. This naked guy wearing a face mask:

    28. This person selling burgers out of their window:

    My friend was doing his famous fried onion burger “burger slide” pickups today in BK. Sold out so fast! You come at a designated time and your burger comes fresh off his backyard grill! It’s everything I love about NY...

    29. Spider-Man at a protest:

    HELPP SPIDERMAN IS THERE I love new york NOW SAVE THEM #offthebridge

    30. This chained-up hand sanitizer:

    In today’s episode of “the new normal”: Why yes, that’s a gallon vat of some very strongly scented hand sanitizer. And yes, it’s winched to the sink with a chain thick enough to tow a car. 😂😂 #onlyinnewyork #onlyinny #watkinsglen #newyork #why #newnormal #tuesdayvibes

    31. This curbside dining option:

    32. This curbside dining option:

    Phase II curbside dining, Avenue A ✌️

    33. And these people not giving up on their curbside dining dreams:

    that tree was trying to social distance