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    3 Years Later, Nantucket Ghost Boat Found Drifting Off The Coast Of Spain

    A 26-foot-long pleasure boat has finally been located after stormy conditions threw her passengers overboard off the coast of Nantucket on August 25, 2008.

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    In 2008, Scott Douglas and his brother-in-law, Rich St. Pierre, were thrown overboard when they attempted to cross a sandbar. Douglas said the men were fishing in an area commonly known as the “Bonito Bar” when a wave hit the boat, throwing them into the briny deep. The men swam to Esther Island, just off Nantucket, where they were rescued by the Coast Guard.

    The boat has been drifting ever since.

    The boat was finally found 3 years later 20 miles off the northern coast of Spain. According to Maritime law, Spain now owns the boat.

    Also, in case you were wondering, Spanish media reports say the vessel still contained a first-aid kit, fire extinguishers, a radio and maps of the U.S. East Coast. Everything else had been taken.