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My Night At Michele Bachmann's Headquarters

Ever wonder what it looks like inside Michele Bachmann's Iowa headquarters? Well, I found out for you. Here are some of my pictures and things I noticed.

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Last night, Michele Bachmann hosted a Countdown to Caucus event at her headquarters in Urbandale, Iowa. She spoke for about a minute and then they played "Hey Soul Sister" 3 times in a row.

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The same guy who was at the Rick Santorum events a couple days before with his book "The New Democrat" was at this rally. I'm pretty sure he sold more books at this stop than any Rick Santorum event combined.


There were probably about 30 people hanging out inside.

I overheard someone say: "We have a lot of courts trying to institute Sharia Law. They stoned a woman in Toronto and didn't do anything about it."

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