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    Spain’s Mens Water Polo Team Are Taking The Gold Medal For Thirst Traps

    Take me there.

    Grab a bottle of water.

    Now chug.

    *Happy Gilmore voice*

    Welcome to my happy place.

    Greetings from the sidelines of a Spanish men's water polo match.

    You see, it's a place where hot Spanish dudes hang around in Speedos.

    A place where the side boob is plentiful.

    A place where there is always a little crack.

    A place where people have body hair.


    He. Has. Chest. Hair.

    It's a place where guys are always spilling out of Speedos.

    A place where a guy bleeding from his face is a sight to be seen.

    A place where these little swim bonnets are the uniforms of Gods.

    *Wipes away tears*

    I mean, the guys literally flex when they cheer.

    What is better than this?

    Answer: Nothing.

    To be blunt: When I die bury me on the sidelines of a place where the Spanish water polo team plays so these beautiful men will always be on top of me.

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