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    36 Pictures That Show What A Huge Shitshow Woodstock 1999 Really Was

    I can smell these pictures.

    1. Woodstock 1999 was held over three days in the middle of nowhere in upstate New York. It's literally described as "the day the nineties died."

    2. From July 23 through July 25, 250,000 people traveled to Rome, New York, for 72 hours of "love" — which later turned into a smathering (smelly gathering) of Limp Bizkit, dirty crusties, and fire.

    3. Woodstock '99 was supposed to be an *improved* Woodstock '94. For reference, here's how Woodstock '94 was described a Entertainment Weekly: "Woodstock reeked. Pizza crusts and boxes, beer, vomit, and excrement fermenting in the mud turned Winston Farm into an 840-acre latrine." So basically, the organizers of Woodstock '99 didn't have much to beat.

    4. In between sets by the Brian Setzer Orchestra...

    5. ...Jewel...

    6. ...and DMX...

    7. ...everyone just kinda lost their damn minds.

    8. Kid Rock was pelted with water bottles...

    9. ...and Limp Bizkit nearly caused a riot. Fred Durst told the crowd "there were no rules" during their performance of "Break Stuff" people started breaking stuff.

    10. People had to stand in line at ATMs for hours...

    11. ...and then had to buy $4 bottles of water.

    12. Trash was everywhere...

    13. ...and pizza cost $12.

    14. People eventually destroyed the water fountains, causing a massive mud puddle. I can practically smell this picture.

    15. After 48 hours, everyone had HAD it. According to the Huffington Post, nearly 10,000 people had to receive medical attention.

    16. Something was seriously brewing in this crusty-filled crowd...

    17. ...and real shit was about to go down.

    18. The last day was described by the Washington Post as a "testosterone fest," with sets by Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, and Metallica. The last performance of the entire festival was by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Flea performed completely naked: dicks, balls, and all.

    19. After that performance, some genius group of people started handing out "peace candles."

    20. People started using those "peace candles" to light everything on fire.

    21. People climbed a tower...

    22. ...and tore it down.

    23. Here's how it was described by MTV: "Some in the crowd feared for their lives. Andrew Kimbler called his family from a pay phone, explaining that he wanted them to know what had happened, 'in case I don't make it out.'"

    24. The fires spread to trailer areas...

    25. ...and people started breaking in and looting them.

    26. People stole thousands and thousands of dollars of merch, food, water, and basically anything they could get their hands on. One ATM was even missing by morning.

    27. Here's a scary-ass eyewitness account from a Washington Post article: "Vendors sat in chairs, protecting their booths and watching the show. 'We lost a million and a half bucks tonight,' said vendor Russ Mour. The trucks burned for more than 35 minutes before they even got a fire truck out there."

    28. It was a war zone.

    29. By Monday morning it was like a scene out of The Walking Dead.

    30. Five hundred troopers had been brought to the grounds, and by 3 a.m. things were under control.

    31. But the damage was done.

    32. The place was a fucking mess.

    33. According to MTV, "The air smelled of burning garbage, as well as urine and feces."

    34. It was disgusting.

    35. And so yeah, that's how Woodstock '99 devolved into a total shitshow.

    36. A similar Woodstock festival hasn't been held since.