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    The 25 Most Hammable Moments At The Emmys

    Let's take a look at the most visually stimulating moments of last night.

    1. When he got out of a car and stepped onto the red carpet.

    2. When he looked to the side.

    3. When he took this picture.

    4. When he took this picture.

    5. When a tiny bead of sweat fell down his face.

    6. When it looked like he just farted.

    7. When it looked like he just sharted.

    8. When he did this.

    9. And this.

    10. It was also fairly hammable when he did this pose thing with his partner.

    11. This one deserves a zoom.

    12. When he wouldn't stop giving this face.

    13. When he finally took a good picture with his partner.

    14. And zoom.

    Moving on...

    15. When he took his first steps on stage.

    16. When he took his second steps on stage.

    When you scrolled down this picture.

    17. When he was about to say something to Tina Fey.

    18. When he stood there looking confused.

    19. When Tina talked and he just stood there looking confused.

    20. When he was about to open the envelope.

    21. When he opened the envelope and announced the winner of the award.

    22. When I zoomed in on this picture.

    23. When the Emmy's were over and he went to an after party and took this picture with Bryan Cranston.

    24. Lastly, when he took this picture with his partner at an after party.

    25. Annnnnnnnnd.... UNF.

    /end scene.