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    20 Crazy Things That Have Already Happened This Year In Florida


    1. A man brought a shovel to a gunfight and won.

    2. Some guy who owns a lizard shop beat one of his employees with one of his lizards.

    A bearded dragon to be exact.

    3. This man wearing a "No, seriously, I have drugs." shirt was arrested at K-Mart with drugs. / Via Facebook: pascosheriff

    Meth to be exact.

    4. This man shook his penis in a circular motion at oncoming traffic.


    According to the arrest report, Clayton Cornelison proceded to "shake his penis by moving his hips in a circular motion and proceeded to dance in the middle of the intersection with his pants around his ankles in the direction of oncoming traffic."

    5. A man carried a marijuana plant in a red Solo cup down the street and said he was "simply smelling it."

    6. A family was forced to remove their time machine from their driveway.

    7. A naked man slept on dog beds at CVS.

    8. Bigfoot was spotted bathing.

    9. All of this.

    10. A man threatened to blow up a strip club because he couldn't bring his beer in.

    11. An emu went missing.

    12. A guy found a $3 million lottery ticket in his dog's Christmas stocking.

    13. A man tossed his bag of cocaine onto the hood of a cop car.

    14. A man tried to stab his brother over dog treats.


    15. A man beat his 75-year-old neighbor with a baseball bat because he cut his nails outside his apartment.

    16. A guy with a spiderweb cheek tattoo attacked his brother over bed sheets.

    17. This man was arrested for almost cutting his roommate's ear off with a sword over a wash cloth.

    LCSO / Via

    18. A man cut another man and claimed it was because he was making a "blood brother pact."

    19. A man covered his face in ashes, stole a car, and crashed it for some reason.

    20. And that woman with "3 boobs" made a music video.

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    H/t the Florida Man Twitter and the Florida Man Reddit.

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