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    Updated on Mar 7, 2019. Posted on Mar 1, 2019

    26 Things That Are Waaaaay More Interesting Than This Kardashian Drama

    Let's get our priorities straight.

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    1. This family's exciting new purchase.

    ABC 7

    2. This pancake's journey.

    News 18 / Via

    3. This pool that's shaped like the state of Colorado.

    4. This woman's shocking discovery.

    5. Don Thompson's impressive golf ball collection.

    6. This meme.

    7. This recipe for ice cubes.

    8. This woman who received a postcard.

    9. This woman who received a text message.

    10. This kid's fantastic voyage.

    11. The heroism of Aretha.

    12. A veterinarian showing a cat how fat he is.

    13. A guy who robbed a store with a plastic bag on his head.

    14. This limited edition "MARIO" milk.

    15. This grandma's life story.

    16. This earth-shattering debate.

    17. This man's harrowing adventure.

    18. Whatever is going on in Land O'Lakes.

    19. Miranda Cosgrove giving money to a "hobo" who told her she watched iCarly.

    Im going to c a movie and I passed by a hobo in the front. I gave her some money & then she told me she watched icarly :) what a night

    20. The real story behind this stolen Chihuahua.

    21. This very, very normal crime.

    22. This shocking development out of 7-Eleven.

    23. Scott's great discovery.


    24. These guys sitting next to each other.

    25. Just, like, anything about this man.

    26. And the often talked about, never forgotten, potato chip heist of 2011.

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