Monica Lewinsky Has Been Making The Same Joke On Twitter For Years, And It's Funny Every Single Time

    It really is funny every time.

    Monica Lewinsky is legitimately a good and funny person on Twitter.

    For years now, she's been joking about her *past*, and it's genuinely funny to see. As @Sw00sh_ said, it's the same joke and it's funny every time.

    monica lewinsky makes this joke at every opportunity she gets and it’s funny every single time I think something’s wrong with me

    Twitter: @Sw00sh__

    It's always something like this:

    Twitter: @MonicaLewinsky

    Like her response to the worst career advice she'd ever received:

    @AdamMGrant an internship at the white house will be amazing on your resume. 😳

    Or that time she responded to this weird Mike Pence quote about spending time on your knees:

    The time someone posted a picture of Trump with a dick drawn around him...

    Twitter: @yoyoha

    ...and she responded:

    That time she posted a picture of the Gaslight Theatre:

    Twitter: @MonicaLewinsky

    The time someone asked her her name:

    “What’s your name?” “Monica.” “Like Monica from Friends?” “Yes. Yes exactly.”

    And that time she responded with a simply "if. fucking. only."

    if. fucking. only.

    It's nice to see her making light of the awful treatment she received in the past:

    And it's nice to see her real personality on Twitter:

    So yeah, go follow Monica! She's funny and cool. You won't regret it.

    Twitter: @MonicaLewinsky