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    18 Texts From Moms That Have NO IDEA What They're Doing

    We've all been here before.

    There comes a time in everyone's life when your mother or mother-figure (not trying to be problematic) gets a smartphone. She has absolutely no idea how to use it, which is 1) hilarious and 2) frustrating AF.

    My mom got a smartphone. She has no idea how to use it. She sent me the same text seven times, and a picture of her lap.

    Mom got a smartphone for Christmas. Shes afraid she is going to scratch the screen so she keeps it wrapped in a papertowel. #HarrisChristmas

    Mom got a smartphone, now she googling everything! Went to her search history and found "What is Water"

    The following is a collection of real texts from people just like you. We've all been there. You'll get through it eventually aka 709896879056878568907 FaceTime calls later.

    First things first: tiny pictures.


    The emojis can be really confusing to them.


    It will take some getting used to.


    This is completely new for them, they're basically adult babies.


    They'll use many of them incorrectly.


    But one things for sure: Once they learn about emojis, they WILL NEVER STOP USING THEM even if they make NO SENSE at all.


    Your mom will learn to love emojis more than they love you.


    It's a problem.


    Besides emojis, be ready for incoherent CAPS LOCKED filled texts.


    It will take them a long time to type.


    Baby steps. Tiny baby steps.


    There's also this thing where they love sending pictures of their pets dressed in human clothing idk.


    They'll also try to be cool + hip by using your lingo when it's like, "Just stop, mom."


    If they get a Snapchat, forget about it.


    Basically, there comes a time in every kid's life when they become the parent and the parent turns into a child. When your mom gets a smartphone, that's the beginning of this transition.


    Be patient with your mom.


    VERY patient.


    But you know what? In the end, it might just be easier to call them.