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    People Are Just Finding Out Moira From "Schitt's Creek" Is The Mom From "Home Alone," And This Is Further Proof The US Education System Is Failing

    This should be taught in schools or something.

    I'm just going to be straight-up here.

    Catherine O'Hara is an actor.

    Catherine plays Moira Rose on Schitt's Creek.

    Moira Rose being dramatic

    In the early '90s, Catherine played Kevin's mom in Home Alone.

    Kevin's mom being dramatic


    Moira rose drinking a martini

    Moira and Kevin's mom are the same person.

    Kevin's mom freaking out on a plane

    From my extremely quick Twitter search, it seems to be something a lot of people don't know.

    The following people's identities have been protected because HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THIS?

    "You're telling me Moira Rose is the mom from Home Alone," this person asked.

    youre telling me moira rose is the mom from home alone

    "I never knew this," another said.

    so the woman who played moira rose in schitts creek was kevin's mum in home alone? i never knew that


    i just found out that moira from schitts creek is the sam eperson who played kevin's mom in home alone what

    "I am shook."

    just realized the mom from home alone is moira rose from schitts creek and i am shook

    People all over the globe are just Kylie Jenner realizing things.

    why did it take me 4 seasons of schitts creek to realize catherin ohara is the lady from home alone? i truly am a dumbass

    So, yeah, Moira and Kevin's mom = same person.

    yoo i just realized moira from schitts creek was also kevins mom in home alone ajklsdfa;

    No offense, but I can't believe that you all can't believe it!

    Kevin's mom in home alone is also moira rose from schitts creek and im losing my mind whoa

    And, just for a bonus, Catherine actually re-created the iconic "KEVIN!!!" scene on TikTok.