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    Mississippi Legislator Is "Trying" To Change The Name Of The 'Gulf Of Mexico' To 'Gulf Of America'

    It's not what you think.

    According to Fox News Latino:

    Mississippi State Rep. Steve Holland, a Democrat, has introduced a bill calling for the part of the Gulf of Mexico that is bordered by Mississippi to be renamed the “Gulf of America.”

    The measure, known as HB 150 and introduced to the state House Marine Resources Committee, says the body of water will have its new name beginning July 1.

    Turns out, it was kind of a joke.

    The Democrat who introduced the bill was doing it to make a statement against the Republican controlled legislature.

    In an interview with, Rep. Steve Holland said:

    I just thought I'd give them some more red meat to throw at their base," Holland said, adding that the bill would give Mississippi residents "no reason to ever have to refer to someone who looks different from us.