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50 Women From 50 States Dressed In A "State Costume" For The Miss USA Pageant, And It's Clear Who Understood The Assignment

This is, by far, my favorite part of the Miss USA pageant.

The Miss USA pageant was held on Monday!

Miss Texas won the title...

...but I'm here to talk about my favorite pageant category: the state costume category.

For this category, each contestant dresses in a costume that represents their state.

Here's how each state dressed...

FWIW, Texas came in first in this category, Tennessee came in second, and Maine in third.

1. Miss Massachusetts

2. Miss Idaho

3. Miss Oregon

4. Miss West Virginia

5. Miss Washington

6. Miss Iowa

7. Miss New Jersey

8. Miss Wyoming

9. Miss Nebraska

10. Miss Oklahoma

11. Miss Tennessee

12. Miss Nevada

13. Miss District of Columbia

14. Miss Minnesota

15. Miss North Carolina

16. Miss Florida

17. Miss Connecticut

18. Miss Louisiana

19. Miss New Hampshire

20. Miss Indiana

21. Miss Colorado

22. Miss Virginia

23. Miss Georgia

24. Miss Maryland

25. Miss Texas

26. Miss Vermont

27. Miss South Dakota

28. Miss Ohio

29. Miss Illinois

30. Miss New Mexico

31. Miss Rhode Island

32. Miss Hawaii

33. Miss Alaska

34. Miss Mississippi

35. Miss Maine

36. Miss Michigan

37. Miss Delaware

38. Miss Arizona

39. Miss Missouri

40. Miss South Carolina

41. Miss North Dakota

42. Miss Alabama

43. Miss Montana

44. Miss Utah

45. Miss Kansas

46. Miss Wisconsin

47. Miss Arkansas

48. Miss Kentucky

49. Miss New York

50. And last but not least, Miss California

Thoughts and favorites?