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The Miss Universe Contestants Wore "National Costumes," And Miss USA's Is Actually Pretty Cool

I also love how Miss Netherlands was literally a tulip.

The Miss Universe pageant was this weekend!

Contestants onstage

Congrats to Sheynnis Palacios from Nicaragua for winning the title!

Sheynnis waving and wearing the crown

But I'm here to talk about my favorite part of the pageant: the national costume competition. During this part of the pageant, contestants dress up in a costume that best represents their country, and it's always super entertaining.

Here's how everyone dressed this year...

1. Miss Switzerland

She's wearing a very colorful bodysuit, ornate emblem that includes the Swiss flag behind her, and high boots

2. Miss Dominican Republic

She's wearing a leaf-print flared gown and leafy train

3. Miss Slovakia

She's wearing ornate headgear and a strapless dress

4. Miss Angola

A flared, colorful long skirt and bodice top
Detail of Miss Angola's dress, showing the illustration of a person in a Native outfit

5. Miss Bahamas

Wearing a flared, colorful, bejeweled dress and large hat with ribbon

6. Miss Croatia

Wearing a short, strapless fringed dress and high boots

7. Miss Egypt

A two-piece sleeveless short set with lots of armbands, tall headpiece, and a large train
Close-up of the outfit

8. Miss France

She's wearing a spangly bathing suit and headpiece and floor-length stringy train

9. Miss Great Britain

She's wearing a crown and flared gown with words hanging on it
The back of the gown shows a replica of the Oxford Dictionary of English

10. Miss Denmark

She's wearing a colorful, ornate, bejeweled outfit with peacock-like, feathery train and dragon headpiece

11. Miss British Virgin Islands

A sleeveless gown with flared bottom and the territory's "Vigilate" flag as a sash

12. Miss Kosovo

She's wearing a long-sleeved, two-piece gown with brocade collar

13. Miss Nicaragua

She's wearing large headgear and a bejeweled winged outfit

14. Miss Lebanon

A sleeveless gown with a sheer printed train

15. Miss Thailand

An ornate, bejeweled gown and headgear with long braid

16. Miss Portugal

A strapless, two-toned, bodice-top gown with cape

17. Miss Albania

A bodysuit with large wings

18. Miss Norway

A flared, strapless gown with fringes and accents of the tricolor Norwegian flag stripes

19. Miss Canada

An ornate, bejeweled, maple leaf–winged gown with a flared bottom consisting of many flags
The back of the wings says "Inclusivity makes dreams come true"

20. Miss Italy

A flared one-piece with gold front, lacy train, and webbed wings

21. Miss Malta

A bodysuit and tights with multicolored butterfly wings

22. Miss Indonesia

Ornate headgear with a large overhead piece

23. Miss Germany

She's wearing a two-piece minidress with train and fringed wrap and holding up a "Grimms Märchen" book
She's holding the book open

24. Miss Guyana

She's wearing minidress and has a complex, multitiered train of flora and fauna behind her

25. Miss Bahrain

Wearing a pantsuit, a sparkly headpiece, and train

26. Miss Poland

A flared, strapless gown with opera gloves and puffy train

27. Miss Zimbabwe

An ornate, beaded gown with train and spiked headgear

28. Miss Myanmar

Wearing a print, gold-tone gown with a multitiered train with dangling currency

29. Miss Puerto Rico

A "cobblestone" flared gown with a back showing houses and other landmarks

30. Miss Panama

A short dress with flared sleeves and an ornate, colorful train with many strands

31. Miss Nepal

A gown with a thigh-high side slit and colorful headpiece that looks like an exploding bomb with missiles on top

32. Miss Ukraine

She's wearing a swirling, sheer outfit and holding a gold-tone baby

33. Miss Laos

She's wearing a colorful, short-sleeved gown and ornate train that includes the red and blue of the flag

34. Miss Mexico

A colorful, bejeweled, flared gown and headpiece

35. Miss Russia

A long-sleeved, lacy, flared gown and ornate headpiece

36. Miss Japan

A long, fringed red gown with white accents and paper-bamboo parasol

37. Miss Malaysia

A bejeweled headpiece and yellow brocade dress suit

38. Miss Trinidad and Tobago

An ornate red, feathery outfit with attached bird-head accent

39. Miss Spain

A straight, deep-back yellow flamenco gown with flared bottom and flared sleeves

40. Miss Paraguay

She's wearing an ornate headpiece with colorful sleeveless bodysuit, tricolor-flag wings, and a sign saying "Por amor al arte"

41. Miss Chile

A straight gown with winged sleeves and headpiece

42. Miss Finland

A short, long-sleeved, flared dress with petticoat and front bow and high boots

43. Miss Greece

A gown with an ornate front, and she's carrying a "Take our history back" scroll and a wand

44. Miss Belgium

She's wearing a short, sleeveless, uneven-hem dress

45. Miss Mongolia

A long, bejeweled gown with long robe and headpiece

46. Miss Latvia

A tasseled short, sleeveless bodysuit with tiered, pastel train and wings and thigh-high boots

47. Miss Namibia

She's wearing a beaded headpiece and a two-piece short outfit with an animal head with long antlers covering the pelvic region and a lace-and-fur train behind

48. Miss Nigeria

A colorful outfit with tasseled arm- and legwear and ornate blade train and headpiece

49. Miss Netherlands

She's wearing shiny pants and a large tulip on top
The tulip petals opens to reveal a rainbow pattern

50. Miss Ireland

An ornate gown with train and headpiece, embodying a Celtic sea goddess
Close-up of the bejeweled headpiece

51. Miss India

She's wearing a thick necklace, ornate spiral headpiece, colorful bandeau top, and colorful, bejeweled print long skirt with train

52. Miss Hungary

She's wearing a short flared dress with print top layer, puffy sleeves, and long train, with the green, red, and white of the flag

53. Miss Jamaica

She's wearing a colorful, ornate headpiece and matching long-sleeved bodysuit outfit with flared jacket that has an ocean theme

54. Miss Honduras

She's wearing an ornate two-piece outfit and ornate headdress with a train that has illustrations of Native scenes

55. Miss Guatemala

She's wearing a bodysuit with circular, sheer train

56. Miss Mauricio

She's wearing a bodice top and long flared, print skirt

57. Miss Kazakhstan

Wearing a warrior headpiece and flared, multi-tiered gown with long, sheer cape

58. Miss Cambodia

She's wearing a headpiece, tube top, ornate necklace, and shiny mid-calf skirt with bejeweled belt with tassel

59. Miss Bolivia

She's wearing a large feathered, beaded headdress, Native-themed colorful, two-piece outfit, and large, colorful train

60. Miss Brazil

She's wearing a beaded headpiece and train with large parrot heads, long-sleeved bodoysuit, and tasseled boots
Side view of the bird-themed outfit

61. Miss El Salvador

She's wearing a sleeveless gown and headpiece with a volcanic lava theme
Close-up of the bejeweled, "glowing" headpiece

62. Miss Singapore

She's wearing a bodysuit with a shiny print jacket with long, flared sleeves, and a train
Close-up of her face jewelry, including a large hoop nose earring

63. Miss South Africa

She's wearing a two-piece gown with train, sash, and matching necklace and headgear

64. Miss Pakistan

She's wearing a colorful bejeweled, tiered gown with flared sleeves and ornate matching fan

65. Miss Philippines

She's wearing a fringed aviation-themed bodysuit with large wings and in the colors of the flag: red, white, blue, and yellow

66. Miss Cameroon

She's wearing a short, ornate outfit with armored neckpiece, train, and large headdress in the colors of the flag — red, gold, and green — and photos of prominent Cameroonian women

67. Miss Colombia

She's carrying the colors of the flag — blue, red, and gold — and wearing an ornate, long-sleeved tasseled, bejeweled bodysuit with ornate headdress
She's showing a flag cloth that also has the silhouette of a tree and people on horses with a bright sun backdrop

68. Miss Bulgaria

She's wearing a short, sleeveless, golden outfit with large wings and a circular headpiece

69. Miss Cayman Islands

An ornate bodysuit with long sleeves that have spherical, sea-themed and butterfly attachments, along with high, sparkly boots and a small, shiny train

70. Miss Vietnam

A long, traditional, ornate, long-sleeved tiered gown and robe with bejeweled headpiece
Close-up of the colorful print hand fan and bejeweled headpiece

71. Miss Australia

She's waring a strapless, multicolored pastel gown with jeweled and tasseled accents

72. Miss Argentina

She's wearing a bejeweled bodysuit and headpiece with the country's Sun of May theme

73. Miss Ecuador

She's wearing a sparkly long-sleeved bodysuit, shiny thigh-high boots, and an attached train showing a light-up hat, train car, and railway tracks, as well as an emblem for Eloy Alfaro Delgado, former president of Ecuador
She's giving a thumbs-up

74. Miss Costa Rica

She's wearing a bejeweled headpiece, bodysuit and long train, with a marine/beach theme, and carrying a large staff with flora and fauna

75. Miss Curaçao

She's carrying a torch and wearing a gold-tone bodysuit with wings to represent the three rings of the Olympics

76. And lastly: Miss USA

She's wearing a bejeweled Statue of Liberty headpiece, a bejeweled bodysuit with a US flag train showing different flags and a Route 66 sign jutting out of it, and flag-themed, thigh-high bejeweled boots
Close-up of the outfit
The back view of Miss USA on the runway