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    Miley Cyrus Screamed "Free Britney!" And It Could Mean SO MUCH More Than Everyone Thinks


    It's safe to say 2019 has been, quite possibly, the most confusing year in Britney Spears' history.

    In March, the #FreeBritney movement was started by a group of fans concerned about her conservatorship.

    Free Britney

    For background, 11 years ago, Britney was put under a conservatorship.

    For context: George Bush was still president.

    Since then, while under the conservatorship, Britney has gone on multiple world tours, released multiple No. 1 singles, reinvented the Las Vegas residency, made one of the best albums of her career (stream Glory), been a judge on a national TV show, reinvented Instagram, and raised her two (now almost teenage!) boys.

    In 2016, the New York Times wrote about about Britney's conservatorship:

    This is what the Times said Britney's conservatorship entails:

    According to the arrangement, which is typically used to protect the old, the mentally disabled or the extremely ill, Ms. Spears cannot make key decisions, personal or financial, without the approval of her conservators: her father, Jamie Spears, and a lawyer, Andrew M. Wallet.

    They monitor even her smallest expenses, like Starbucks:

    Her most mundane purchases, from a drink at Starbucks to a song on iTunes, are tracked in court documents as part of the plan to safeguard the great fortune she has earned but does not ultimately control.

    It should also be noted that Andrew Wallet, one of the two conservators, suddenly resigned from the conservatorship in March, so now her father is the only one in charge.

    So now that you have the background, let's talk about Miley Cyrus.

    Scott Barbour / Getty Images

    It's well known that Miley Cyrus is a huuuuge Britney fan. In fact, the two even collaborated on Miley's Bangerz album

    Kevin Mazur

    But the real interesting thing is they, at one time, shared the same management.

    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images / Via

    The guy all the way on the right, Adam Leber, was at one time both Britney and Miley's manager.

    That brings us to this weekend, when Miley made a surprise appearance at the Beale Street Music Festival, where she did a 20-minute set.

    Valerie Macon / AFP / Getty Images

    During "Party in the USA," Miley surprised everyone by screaming "Free Britney!"

    For the people that are still not sure if Miley Cyrus said "Free Britney" rather than "Queen Britney" or "Sing with me" etc here is a clearer video (via katyalxo on Instagram)

    Up until this point, there has been no major Britney collaborator or celebrity to back the #FreeBritney cause. The fact that Miley has some personal and professional history with Britney is the real *interesting* factor.


    So it begs the question: Is Miley adding her voice to the #FreeBritney movement out of personal concern?!


    One other thing that happened this weekend was Britney posting a photo shoot that is very reminiscent of the album cover of Janet Jackson's Control.

    Britney is a HUGE Janet fan and it could just be a subtle homage, but the lyrics to "Control" have people thinking otherwise.

    Britney Spears paying homage to her idol Janet Jackson Control album cover during a Photo Shoot.

    These are the lyrics to "Control":

    Just as I'm writing this, there's been ANOTHER major update to the story.


    Britney's mother, Lynne, who has previously never been involved with the conservatorship, has filed a motion with the court to join the case.

    EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears' mother officially files to join conservatorship case.

    The Blast is reporting: "Sources close to Britney’s conservatorship tell The Blast Lynne actually spoke with Jamie before filing her documents, as she has mainly received her information about Britney through Jamie for years, and she wants to take a more proactive approach."

    Britney has a conservatorship hearing on May 10. Until then, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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