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    Michael Strahan Has Gotten Rid Of His Iconic Tooth Gap, But Even With The Pictures, I Don't Really Believe Him

    Please God no.

    Michael Strahan is known for his great personality, excellent hosting skills, whatever the fuck happened with Kelly Ripa, and, of course, his iconic gap.

    Gregg Deguire / WireImage / Getty Images

    It's somewhat his thing.

    A closeup of Michael's gap
    Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

    Like, he literally poses with other gap-toothed beings.

    Michael smiling and posing with Cars movie character Tow Mater
    Handout / Getty Images

    Not anymore.

    Michael Strahan said, "I did it #GoodbyeGap

    Mr. Strahan posted a video where he appears to get his gap filled:

    Twitter: @michaelstrahan

    Yup, it's gone:

    No more gap:

    Some people are congratulating him:

    @michaelstrahan Pure joy. Happy for you man!

    Twitter: @carchi_ttu

    Others are...suspicious:

    @michaelstrahan I don’t know man, April 1st is right around the corner but

    Just a few days earlier, Michael posted something about "gap pride":

    @DonnieWahlberg @michaelstrahan 🤔 why do I think this is a set up for April 1st? Because you don’t write this a week ago and then get this procedure done. 👀 🦷🤫

    Twitter: @yikes77

    Could this be something a bit more sinister?

    Perhaps it's an April Fools Day joke?

    Did we just get deep faked by Michael Strahan?

    Only time will tell.


    And by "time," I mean we will probably find out tomorrow morning when he posts "lol jk."


    Otherwise, this statue is irrelevant!

    Michael kissing a bust of himself featuring his gap
    Jason Miller / Getty Images

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