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    The 10 Worst, 10 Best, And 10 Most Underrated Britney Spears Songs

    It should also be noted that Britney's "worst" songs would be considered another artist's best.


    10. "Out From Under"

    It's literally a cover song from the Bratz soundtrack. THE BRATZ SOUNDTRACK.

    9. "Clumsy"

    It's basically just noise.

    8. "Big Fat Bass"

    The beginning of every Britney fans' worst nightmare:

    7. "Mmm Papi"

    Seems problematic.

    5. "Till It's Gone"

    Every EDM trend of the time in one song. Blah.

    6. "Body Ache"

    Also every EDM trend of the time in one song. Over it.

    4. "Tik Tik Boom"

    I honestly haven't listened to this song again after hearing this lyric: "She like the way I eat her, beat her, beat her/Treat her like an animal somebody call PETA."

    3. "Pretty Girls"

    Honestly, not even worth the tip-tap of my fingers on the keyboard to explain why.

    2. "My Baby"

    "Tiiiiiiny hands." *RUNS*

    1. "It Should Be Easy"

    I just can't even believe this is considered a "song." I'm still waiting for Britney to come out and say "JK."

    Honorable mention:

    "Radar," not because it's a bad song (it's really good), it just shouldn't have been put on two albums. I'm bitter. Also Sabi's verse on "Drop Dead Beautiful."


    10. "Criminal"

    I will not back down, I firmly believe this song has Britney's best bridge.

    9. The Britney album bonus tracks

    I know this is cheating but "When I Found You," "I Run Away," and "Before The Goodbye" are an iconic tringle. I'd even throw in "Intimidated." It's pathetic and sad that they weren't included on the original album.

    8. "Unusual You"

    I would be fucking crucified if I didn't include this on the BEST list, so here you go.

    7. "The Hookup"

    This song fucks me all the way up every time. The barefoot Onyx Hotel Tour performance is one of her best!

    6. "Piece Of Me"

    Her opus.

    5. "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)"

    It's anti-gay and dehumanizing that this wasn't a single ALSO that it was relegated to "bonus track deluxe album" status, which like, whatever, because what does that even mean nowadays?

    4. "Touch Of My Hand"

    Invented masturbating, smalls of back, and arches of feet.

    3. "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)"

    This song is so hot it almost makes me want to be straight (JK being straight seems awful).

    2. "Everytime"

    Her best ballad with an incredible music video. Timeless and stunning. Gorgeous and incredible. *Random gay hyperbole etc.*

    1. "Overprotected" album and Darkchild versions

    Simply the best. No ifs ands or buts about it.

    Honorable mentions:

    The entire "Blackout" album minus "Everybody," "Born To Make You Happy (Bonus Remix)," "Make Me...," "Better," "Man On The Moon," "Don't Go Knockin' On My Door," "Brightest Morning Star," "Work Bitch," "Up N' Down," "Toy Soldier," "Lucky," "Thinkin' Bout You," "How I Roll," "What U See Is What U Get," "Breathe On Me."


    10. "Brave New Girl"

    I just love the way she says "pink little baby tee."

    9. "Anticipating"

    Janet Jackson's "All For You's" cute cousin.

    8. "Trouble"

    View this video on YouTube

    I've always just loved this song. It makes me think of the best documentary ever, For The Record.

    7. "Walk On By"

    View this video on YouTube

    So fucking cute.

    6. "Don't Hang Up"

    I hate talking on the phone but I love this song.

    5. "Lace and Leather"

    A cute bop not discussed or appreciated enough.

    4. "Selfish"

    Makes me want to be a milf.

    3. "Perfect Lover"

    "Tick tock/tick tock come and get me while I'm hot." Wig.

    2. "Hard To Forget Ya"

    There are two types of people in the world, the ones that hate "Hard To Forget Ya" and the ones that love it. The difference between the two types of people are the ones that love it have actual taste.

    1. "And Then We Kiss (Junkie XL Remix)"

    This is one of those songs I'm pretty sure, the chosen people (gays) only know exists.

    Honorable mentions:

    "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," "Joy Of Pepsi," and "Bombastic Love."



    It's for straight people.

    And here's a playlist of the best and underrated because no one has time for tiny hands:

    Correction: I added "Breathe On Me" to honorable mentions because it is an honorable mention and I fucked up by not including it. Sue me!

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