Meghan Trainor Finally Showed Us What Her Custom-Built Side-By-Side Toilets Look Like Where She Poops With Her Husband, And It's All Just So Chaotic

    We finally have a visual.

    Welcome to yet another BuzzFeed post about the saga that is Meghan Trainor double-toilet pooping with her husband.

    Yes, pooping at the same time on CUSTOM side-by-side toilets.

    And yes, we're still talking about this a week later!

    So, the back story: One of my favorite celeb facts is that Meghan Trainor is married to the kid from Spy Kids, Daryl Sabara.

    The other fact I love to tell people is that Meghan Trainor's fans are jokingly referred to as Potty Trainors.

    So, this story about toilets and pooping next to her Spy Kids husband is, as a Potty Trainor, my new favorite thing.

    Daryl kissing Meghan on the cheek at a red carpet event

    Our story begins long, long ago last week, when Meghan revealed that she poops next to her husband on their twinning toilets.

    She talked about "pooping together" on Nicole Byer's podcast, Why Won't You Date Me.

    pooping together w/ meghan trainor and ryan trainor

    “We just got a new house, and we did construction. Nobody knows this, but in our bathroom, there was one toilet, and a lot of time in the middle of the night when we’re with the baby, we’ve got to pee at the same time. So I was like, ‘Can we please have two toilets next to each other?’”

    The couple kissing on the red carpet

    "We’ve only pooped together twice. We pee at the same time a lot.”


    But that's not all!

    Miss Meghan wanted to clarify her toilet sitch.

    She took to Twitter and said:

    To clear things up…we pooped ONCE together and we laughed and said never again…but he will hang out with me if I’m 💩ing cuz WE SOULMATES. And i legit miss him when I’m away from him. And we pee together obvi

    Twitter: @Meghan_Trainor

    OK, so it was ONLY once, and it's because THEY SOULMATES.

    But, my friends, that's not all.

    In what feels like day 87 of talking about Meghan Trainor pooping, Meghan *finally* showed us what her toilets look like.

    Meghan took to TikTok to give us a visual of said toilets:


    POV: your husband is over the news about you having two toilets next to each other

    ♬ All By Myself - Céline Dion

    While she herself is sitting on the shitter, Meghan pans over to the other matching toilet confirming that yes, they do in fact have two toilets.

    And now we also know they got a lil' Poo-Pourri on there too.

    So, old friend, this better be the last time I hear about side-by-side toilets for the rest of my life.

    Peace out, Potty Trainors. Byeee.