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A Clip Of Meghan Trainor Singing "All About That Bass" Over Billie Eilish Is Going Viral Because It's Very, Very Good

Talent wins.

Meghan Trainor had a busy 2019, releasing 47 singles, one of which, "Wave," is the best of her career!

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So underrated.

This week, Meghan went on BBC Radio, and a clip of her singing "All About That Bass" over the beat of Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" is going kind of viral.

BBC Radio

Here's the clip:

"That messes with my mind" 🤯 @Meghan_Trainor sang 'All About That Bass' to the tune of 'Bad Guy' by @billieeilish and she absolutely smashed it 🔥

She is clearly possessed by the spirit of Billie Eilish.

So yeah, just wanted to share! Potty Trainors for life. Stream "Wave." Xoxo.

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