Nothing, And I Mean Nothing, Is More Funny Than These Ridiculous Memes About A Killer Doll Named Megan

    One of the few times the internet rallies for something we can all agree on: a killer robot doll out for blood.

    Every now and then, a terrifying monster, ghost, or generically evil thing becomes a gay icon.

    You have the Babadook.

    Someone dressed as the Babadook and waving a mini Pride flag at a red carpet event

    Then there's Pennywise.

    But there's always been a special place in my gay little heart for the horror dolls.

    A person wearing a unicorn headband and holding a Pride flag

    I'm talking Tiffany...

    Tiffany holding an open bottle of alcohol


    Chucky holding a knife

    ...and, of course, Miss Annabelle.

    Annabelle sitting on an embroidered couch

    But there's a new doll in town that has become an instant legend.

    Megan the Robotic Doll is already a viral sensation following the new trailer for #M3GAN.

    Universal Pictures

    Introducing Megan.

    M3GAN is a movie about a doll that comes to life and raises hell.

    View this video on YouTube

    Universal Pictures/

    After the trailer was released, Megan instantly, and I mean instantly, became a meme.

    she’s an icon. she’s a legend, and she is the MOMENT !! #M3GAN #meganmovie

    Universal Pictures

    Like, it took an hour.

    the way m3gan became a gay icon in like an hour... her power

    Universal Pictures/Twitter: @stevothedivo

    There were the dance edits.

    Universal Pictures/Twitter: @monstersimper

    There were fan cams.

    #M3GAN Nails Hair Hips Heels fancam edit 💅💁‍♀️🍑👠

    Universal Pictures/Twitter: @Pat_Merc

    My personal favorite being "Gimme More."

    Someone already made a fan cam of M3GAN

    Universal Pictures/Twitter: @KevinInChains

    The comparisons to Annabelle.

    Anabelle after the trailer for #M3GAN dropped

    Neflix/ Twitter: @Gogsxter

    The comparisons to that Twilight baby.

    Summit Entertainment/ Twitter: @MatchaFierce

    It was, and still is, endless.

    “We as gay people get to choose our family” The family we choose: #M3GAN

    Universal Pictures/ Twitter: @cheylouis

    Megan Thee Stallion even chimed in.

    Twitter: @theestallion

    Honestly, all of them are hilarious.

    me defending every murder m3gan commits

    ABC/ Twitter: @seanwithan_s

    Like, I can't remember a time when Twitter went so hard for a killer doll.

    “as I sat there scrolling the internet I realised it was another case of ‘out with the old, in with the new’ … well, this doll still has a few tricks left up her sleeve, and M3gan better watch that pretty little back of hers cos mama wasn’t locked in a glass cabinet for nothing”

    HBO/ Twitter: @cntb88


    The bitch energy radiating from this image is insane #M3GAN

    Universal Pictures/ Twitter: @punishedprincss

    So yeah, in these trying times, it's nice to see us all rallying behind a dancing killer doll.

    @UniversalPics Megan after slaughtering a whole office

    Twitter: @ChauceNoSauce

    Human Megans are worried.

    trying to figure out if this m3gan movie is slander on the megan name or if it’s going to benefit me

    Twitter: @_pretasky

    LGBTs are perched.

    M3gan is going to be in the lgbt section on Netflix

    Twitter: @ben___der

    Jan. 13 cannot come soon enough.

    me and the oomfs running to see M3GAN opening night

    MTV/ Twitter: @peterskeeter_