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    Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Got Matching Ring Finger Tattoos, And It's Certainly A Look

    That's love, I guess.

    They wear each other's DNA.

    MGK saying "some people give a handkerchief to their partner; she gave me her DNA"

    They drink each other's blood.

    Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly holding hands as they pose for photographers on the red carpet of the Billboard Music Awards

    One time, they even put an Airbnb table on blast.

    They are truly the most extra celeb couple in the history of celeb couples.

    Megan saying "Whatever daddy says" as Machine Gun Kelly laughs

    And now, I feel like it's my *duty* to share with you another thing they did together.

    The couple on a red carpet reaching their tongues out toward each other, and Machine Gun Kelly's tongue is black

    They got another matching tat.

    So, Megan celebrated her 36th birthday.

    Machine Gun Kelly gave her a fitting IG tribute, but one thing was new here.

    A picture of some new tats:

    An image of Megan and MGK's left hands, each with a matching tattoo of an upside down voodoo doll on the ring finger

    As you can see, MGK and MF got matching voodoo doll ring tats.

    In the same carousel, MGK shared a picture of the inspiration.

    Two actual voodoo dolls

    So yeah, just thought you should know!