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    Welp, MattyBRaps Is No Longer 7 Years Old, And Here's What He Looks Like Today

    If you were on YouTube in 2010, then you definitely saw a MattyB video.

    Let's harken back to the glory days of 2010.

    People celebrating New Year's Eve by wearing glasses shaped like the numbers 2010

    Kesha still spelled her name with a dollar sign.

    Snooki was on the prowl for gorilla juiceheads.

    Snooki wearing a shirtdress that says "I want a Gorilla Juicehead"

    And our girl Pluto was still a planet.

    It was also a weird time in internet history, when MattyBRaps went viral for his covers of pop songs.

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    MattyB Raps /

    Maybe you know him for his cover of Outkast's "Ms. Jackson."

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    MattyB Raps /

    Or perhaps his cover of "Call Me Maybe" with the legendary Cimorelli.

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    MattyB Raps /

    Either way, he was the 7-year-old going viral for his Kidz Bop-esque covers.

    And like I did with Sophia Grace a few days ago, I'm about to give you a sense of your own mortality.

    Matty B wearing a baseball cap that says "Matty B"

    Matty B is no longer a little kid.

    Earlier this year, Matty B celebrated his 18th birthday.

    And the comments on the picture are my thoughts exactly.

    One person commented "DAWG I just remember when you were like 6"


    Another person said "i thought you were still 10"

    He captions his Instagram posts with insightful comments.

    "Chillin fo today."

    I like this one:

    Matty B asked what people did for spring break and some of the responses included, "drugs," "cried" and "sleep"

    You'll be happy to know he's still releasing original music. This is his song, called "Dramatic," that he released last month:

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    MattyB Raps /

    So yeah, another day, another person who you thought was like 6 that is a grown human being.

    See you all later. <3

    Rose as an elderly woman from the movie Titanic