• 1. Noah Cyrus Makes Her Red Carpet Debut

    My favorite person of the year.

  • 2. Landslide Performed By The PS22 Chorus

    My favorite PS22 song of the year.

  • 3. Eminem Is Not A Lady Gaga Fan

    My favorite Lady Gaga pictures of the year.

  • 4. What Lady Gaga Actually Looks Like

    My second favorite Lady Gaga picture of the year.

  • 5. Britney Spears Pussy Hanging Out

    My favorite Britney Spears moment of the year.

  • 6. Realistic Bear Recreation Video

    My favorite news segment of the year.

  • 7. Miley Cyrus Pole Dancing

    My favorite Miley Cyrus photo of the year. (See girl in the back)

  • 8. Help Find This Dog!

    My favorite headline of the year.

  • 9. People Of Walmart

    My favorite blog of the year.

  • 10. Ryan Seacrest’s Yearbook Picture

    My favorite Ryan Seacrest picture ever.

  • 11. 45 Ridiculous Pictures Of Boybands

    My favorite list I made this year.

  • 12. Lady Gaga Electrocuted During Show

    My favorite video mash-up of the year.

  • 13. Shaq Holding A Panda

    My favorite picture of Shaq of the year.

  • 14. Married To The Eiffel Tower

    My favorite documentary of the year.

  • 15. Best Friends!!!!!

    My favorite tabloid cover of the year.

  • 16. Sarah Palin’s Softcore Runners Porn

    My favorite Sarah Palin picture of the year.

  • 17. RIP Mermaid Girl

    My lowest point of the year.

  • 18. Brooke Hogan’s Album Cover

    My favorite album cover of the year.

  • 19. Saved By The Bell Finally Reunited

    My favorite reunion of the year.

  • 20. The Best City Council Meeting Ever

    My favorite reaction of the year.

  • 21. Telling Your Mom You’re An Atheist

    My favorite mom of the year.

  • 22. Grandma Attacks Cameraman With A Hoe

    My favorite grandma of the year.

  • 23. President Obama Makes Children Cry

    My favorite caption of the year.

  • 24. Maya Flushes Fish

    My favorite kid (female) of the year.

  • 25. Bacon Is Good For Me!

    My favorite kid (male) of the year.

  • 26. Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Aged Kids

    My favorite Onion news segment of the year.

  • 27. Kate Gosselin’s Hair

    My favorite hairstyle of the year.

  • 28. Bret Michaels Almost Gets Beheaded At The Tony Awards

    My favorite award show moment of the year.

  • 29. Tiffani Amber-Thiessen Is Busy

    My favorite Funny or Die skit of the year.

  • 30. Crazy Dude Dissects Theme To “Scrubs”

    My favorite vlogger of the year.

  • 31. Jack Nicholson Vacation Photos

    My favorite vacation photos of the year.

  • 32. Total Eclipse Of The Heart Flow Chart

    My favorite flow chart of the year.

  • 33. Scenes From A Cougar Convention

    My favorite picture set of the year.

  • 34. The 90s

    My favorite picture (vintage) of the year.

  • 35. Wild Turkeys Terrorize New Jersey Neighborhood

    The scariest video of the year.

  • 36. Suri Cruise: Behind The Glass

    My favorite Suri Cruise pictures of the year.

  • 37. Shark Bean Bag Chair

    My most wanted item of the year.

  • 38. Elizabeth Lambert

    My favorite athlete of the year.

  • 39. Moms On The Net

    My favorite found video clip of the year.

  • 40. Miley and Gaga

    My year in a nutshell.