Martha Stewart Slams Remote Work With A Super Boomery Rant: "It's Frightening"

    Oh lord, she had to bring France into this.

    Martha Stewart has been going viral lately for her thirst traps.

    The *thirst trap* seems to be something she has picked up from millennials, but one thing she hasn't picked up from millennials? A positive opinion about remote work. She HATES it.

    A close-up of Martha Stewart in a long-sleeved sequined dress as she smiles for the cameras in front of various shots from Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue

    Martha went off on the concept to Footwear News.

    Martha Stewart smiles as she walks down the red carpet

    "You can’t possibly get everything done working three days a week in the office and two days remotely. Look at the success of France with their stupid... you know, off for August, blah blah blah. That’s not a very thriving country," the 81-year-old who works from her kitchen said.

    Closeup of Martha Stewart

    "Should America go down the drain because people don’t want to go back to work?" she questioned.

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    Martha doubled down on her anti-remote work opinion to TODAY:

    Martha Stewart expands on her comments about remote work and working only 3 days in office: “I just don’t agree with it, I just don’t.”

    — TODAY with Hoda & Jenna (@HodaAndJenna) June 7, 2023
    NBC. Twitter: @HodaAndJenna

    "It's frightening. If you read the economic news, a three-day workday doesn't get the work done, it doesn't get the productivity up, it doesn't help with the economy," she said.

    Closeup of Martha Stewart

    "I just don't agree with it, I don't."

    Closeup of Martha Stewart

    People aren't happy with the tirade!

    Closeup of Martha Stewart

    Some people are calling it "worrisome."

    "How about you spend 2-3 hours commuting every day, in a car *you* drive (not your limousine) or strap-hanging on a smelly, crowded train, for a week, and then see if your opinions about remote work being unproductive have changed"

    Others are pointing out how much they get done at home.

    Sorry Martha. In MY a job, I get MORE done at home, work more overtime (unpaid) & don’t have a 40-minute commute. So, sit in your ivory tower and let us live our lives. It’s a “good thing”. Martha Stewart on 'Rampage' for People to Return to Work In Person

    — H McCausland (@hjs799) June 7, 2023
    Twitter: @hjs799

    And others are like uhhh... hasn't she spent a majority of her career working from home?

    Martha Stewart is asserting America will “go down the drain” if companies continue to allow its employees to work from home.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t Martha spent the majority of her career [essentially] working from home ❓🤔🧐😒

    — Elgin Charles (@ElginCharles) June 7, 2023
    Twitter: @ElginCharles