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    Nov 30, 2017

    Let's All Take A Moment To Appreciate Britney Spears' Giant-Ass Christmas Tree

    Holy tree.

    Many things come to mind when one thinks of Britney Spears...



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    ...ghost conjurer...

    ...scrotum shouter...

    ...and random Renaissance children fanatic — just a few that come to mind to those of you *in the know.*

    But...Queen of Christmas? That's a new one!

    Last night, Britney posted a picture of her Christmas tree and...


    Let's break this festive scene down.

    The reindeer. I'm shaking.

    The lights on this table. It's lit.

    The random red shit on this table. Gorgeous!

    And the real star of this picture, this mini La-Z-Boy chair. Iconic. Outsold your other faves' mini La-Z-Boy chairs. Legend Z.

    In conclusion, Merry Britmas. I wish I were rich. The end.

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